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Address Carretera a Taliarte s/n
Locality Telde, Gran Canaria
Phone 928134414
Fax 928133032
Postal Code 35214
E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Contact person José Joaquín Hernández Brito - Science, Technology and Innovation Manager
Main Services PLOCAN offers access to facilities in order to promote R&D&I in the marine and maritime sectors. Moreover, PLOCAN offers specialized services consisting in the technologies test and demonstration, consultancy, integrated management, education and training.// HOSTING: This service comprises the hosting of equipment, devices and marine technologies, for testing activities, experiments or other resources of the users in any of the installations of the ICTS. The housing services imply rights and regulated conditions to use the facilities, as well as associated services such as transport, installation, maintenance, monitoring, decommissioning, permits, accommodation, and insurance among others. The cost for the use of vehicles, equipment, premises and technical support, is equal to the result of adding to the direct costs, a 25% of indirect costs (approved by EC on May/2013).// DATA SUPPLY: The observational capabilities of PLOCAN provide a set of data and information from its facilities that are available for users. This service is free. Besides, users can demand specific data or information that can be measured using the resources of the ICTS in the scope of the integrated observatory (coastal, oceanic and extended). The cost for the use of vehicles, equipment, premises and technical support, is equal to the result of adding to the direct costs, a 25% of indirect costs (approved by EC on May/2013).// OPERATIONS: Operation of the multipurpose offshore platform, vehicles, instruments and other marine devices. This service uses the operational resources and capabilities of PLOCAN to make available to users the multi-purpose offshore platform and unique vehicles, under regulated conditions. They may involve associated services related to installation, operation, maintenance, transportation, insurance, decommissioning or others. On May/2013, the Executive Board approved the daily cost for the use of an underwater glider for a minimum access of 3 weeks and which includes insurance, operation (deployment, piloting and recovery), data processing and the technical support necessary for its operation. For the rest of vehicles, equipment, premises and technical support, the rate is equal to the result of adding to the direct costs, a 25% of indirect costs (approved by EC on May/2013).//
Certifications ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001
Codes CNAE 7310
Facilities PLOCAN offers land-based and sea-based novel facilities to promote long-term observation and sustainability of the ocean, providing a cost-effective combination of services. PLOCAN is able to provide access and multidisciplinary logistic support through its onshore facility and two marine test sites (Taliarte harbor and offshore). The facility and test sites are located in the North-East coast of Gran Canaria Island, and the platform is integrated in the offshore test site. Multipurpose offshore platform: The infrastructure, built over a caisson which rests on the seabed, is comprised of the following different levels, each for a different use: HELIPORT: Situated over the command centre, capable of housing helicopters up to a maximum length of 18 m and 6 ton. Currently, under legalisation procedures. COMMAND CENTRE (86 m2): Raised above the deck, with 360º vision. All control and operational activities of the platform and the test site are managed from here. BUILDING: Divided into two floors, housing laboratories (297 m2), classrooms (39 m2), kitchen (64 m2), dining room (80 m2), lounge (37 m2), etc. All rooms have natural light and ventilation. PLATFORM LEVEL: This is a hangar (590 m2) and an open working area (546 m2) where there is an open test tank (6,0 x 7,8 m). It has a telescopic crane for stacking containers. The test tank will facilitate sea trials and launching specific underwater vehicles and equipment into the sea.BASEMENT LEVEL (1.215 m2): Houses the installations rooms and the power management equipment. The main infrastructures installed in the platform are 2 Floating quays of dimensions 3,0 x 6,7 m. in the south corner of the structure, personnel transfer basket (by crane) capable of transporting up to four standing passengers or 2 person plus stretcher. Max gross weight: 800kg, telescopic crane with a 17,70 m. boom, a tip load of 11.42ton and max load 28.3t, gantry crane with a max load capacity of 4 tons, Sewage treatment plants: 2 treatment plants for grey (for recycling 3.500 l/d) and sewage water (around 94% reduction in BOD, 93% in SS and 80% in CDO) , 3x11 m3 tanks which gets sea water from different depths and 2x16 m3 tanks, one with sea water that will undergo a process of desalination and will pass to the other one where the fresh water is stored., desalination system with a capacity of 16 m3/d, Fresh water tank, Hand tools and other small equipment, two pallet trucks with a maximum load capacity of 2,5 tons. PLOCAN will have available a 15MW subsea electrical and communication infrastructure that will allow connection of marine technologies testing offshore during their demo stage. It consists of two cabled berths installed at 40m water depth, ideally located on the PLOCAN Test site, approximately 2km offshore. It will be a hub between marine devices and national grid on land. It consists of two submarine medium voltage hybrid cables (13.2kVac cable for the evacuation of electricity, optical fiber for communications and 400Vcc cable for feeding auxiliary equipments). The test site has the support of the Onshore headquarter, located in Taliarte next to the Port of Taliarte, about 8km from the airport and 20km from the city of Las Palmas GC and the Ports of Las Palmas. The area has meeting rooms, assembly rooms, workshops, operation control rooms, submarine vehicle workshops and calibration tank for submarine vehicles, laboratories (wet and dry), classrooms, offices and multi-purpose rooms as well glider laboratory of 120m2.
Equipment SAILBOUY: Autonomous Surface Vehicle. Mod. Sailbuoy. Year: 2016. Seril Number: 1605. Manufacturer: Offshore Sensing (Norway). ROV AND ACCESSORIES: Remotely Operated Vehicle. Mod. Seabotix Vlbv-950 (950 m.). Serial Number: EBR-1000-0614-066. Payload: Bowtech cámara HD b/n, Bowtech camera HD color, Tritech Micron MK3 sonar, arm 2GL. Manufacturer: Seabotix (USA). SLOCUM GLIDER: Underwater glider Mod. SLOCUM G2-Deep (1000 m.) Hybrid. Serial Number: 492. Manufacturer: Teledyne Webb Research (USA). LARS (LAUNCH AND RECOVERY SYSTEM): Launch and Recovery System. Mod. LITE compact. Serial Number: 18846. Manufacturer: POMMEC (Netherlands). Designed and built to use the least amount of deck space, with IMCA’s diving standards and your specific requirements and with the following global dimensions: 2,5x2,2x4,3 m. Maximum weight of 3,2 tons. WAVEGLIDER ASSV: Autonomous Surface Vehicle (ASV). Mod. Wave Glider SV2. Serial Number: 3051. Manufacturer: Liquid Robotics (USA). HYPERBARIC CHAMBER: 1,8 meter containerized hyperbaric chamber with air compressor and air bank included. Mod. IB-180. Year: 2015. Manufacturer: IBERCO (España). GANTRY CRANE MEGA 2.000KG: Gantry crane with a maximum load capacity of 2 tons. WATER PURIFICATION SYSTEM - MILI-Q ADVANTAGE: Production of water Type II and I+. Model: Elix for production of water Type II and Milli-Q Advantage for production of water Type I+. Millipore, Merck. FLUOROMETER TRILOGY: The Trilogy makeS fluorescence, absorbance and turbidity measurements using the appropriate snap-in Application Module. It has excellent sensitivity and a wide measurement range. It’s equipped with a snap-in Chl a Extracted- Non-Acidification module for determination of chlorophyll a in seawater samples and calibration of chlorophyll sensors. HORIZONTAL LAMINAR FLOW CABINET: Reduce de contamination with particles when handling samples.Model: Class 100 Helios 72, ALS. TITRATOR SYSTEM WITH 5 ML/20 ML EXCHANGE UNITS: Determination of dissolved oxygen and alkalinity in seawater samples. Titrino 888, Metrohm. FUME HOOD: It is a type of local ventilation device that is designed to limit exposure to hazardous or toxic fumes, vapours or dusts. TALIARTE PORT FACILITIES: The Port of Taliarte is established as a port that has a berth with 100 m of its own line with water and light supply, 4.5m minimum draft and facilities (2,000 m2) for its two current vessels (25 and 40 meters in length). The port has a sea access ramp that facilitates vehicle testing operations, two warehouses of 40m2, two pipes of 1000mm for connection sea-land-sea and multiple communication and control systems. OFFSHORE AND ONSHORE CONTAINERS: 20ft and 10ft offshore and onshore containers for storage. HIGH-FREQUENCY RADAR (2017): Surface marine currents monitoring. Model: Seasonde from CODAR. NAVIGATION RADAR: Marine traffic monitoring in the test site. Model: X-band radar 12 Kw. TWO BOATS: Two boats operated by PLOCAN personnel. BOAT 1: PLOCAN 1 boat with a capacity for 12 people. Lenght 11,84m, Width: 3.50m, Max Speed: 45 nudes. BOAT 2: PLOCAN 2 with a capacity for 5 people. Lenght 5,20m, Width: 2,18m, Max Speed: 40 nudes. CDTICMar EQUIPMENT: CIC – Ground-Sea Integrated Communications Center: Ground-sea connection point among the facilites: the marine test site, the oceanic platform and its ground station. It includes communications technologies such as: satellite, WiMAX, TETRA and marine band. IPD – Data Processing Infrastructure and Technology: It constitutes the location where the information is processed. It presents resources to provide services based on Cloud Computing and virtual servers. The infrastructure counts with a NAGIOS alarm control system, 8 servers HP Proliant SL2500, a Storage Area Network (SAN) HP 3PAR StoreServ 7200 and 2 Uninterrupted Power Supply systems (UPS) HP R5000 INTL. IDF – Demonstrations and Training Support Infrastructure: Dissemination and collaboration environment which works as a space for events organization in the marine and maritime sector, training center, commercial products and services presentation and co-working point among companies, universities, public institutions, providers and customers. It includes a 2x3 Samsung UD55C video wall, a Polycom RealPresence500 videoconferencing system, 5 workstations Dell Optiplex 9020, 5 laptops Fujitsu Lifebook E754 HM86, 5 tablets Samsung Galaxy Tabs 10.5” DRON: Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) flying robot, Remotely controlled with onboard sensors and GPS. Model: Phanton 4. DOMO AXIS SECURITY CAMERAS (3 UNITS). Axis fixed dome cameras are compact cameras with a vaulted housing. They are discreetly and strategically placed in PLOCAN infrastructures for the supervision of all elements installed in the test site. MINIVAN VEHICLE: Vehicle COMBI TRENDLINE LARGO 2.0 TDI 140CV supporting logistical activities in the test site. AUXILIARY BUOY (2UNITS): Auxiliary buoy, with a 1.6m hull made of rotomoulded polyethylene and filled with expanded polystyrene foam, which ensures flotation in case of a breached skin. Its steel structure supports the mooring and tower evenly, distributing loads on the upper surface of the hull.
Human Resources PLOCAN has a staff that oscillates around the 30 qualified professionals with scientific-technological and economic-administrative training, and with a high level of use of different languages.
Presentation The Oceanic Platform of the Canary Islands (PLOCAN) is a Research Infrastructure (RI) labeled by the ICTS (Unique Scientific and Technological Infrastructure) Spanish National Roadmap, co-funded by the Economy and Competitiveness Ministry of the Spanish government and the Canary Islands government and by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) under the Operational Programme of the Canary Islands. PLOCAN is a multipurpose technical-scientific service infrastructure that provides support for research, technological development and innovation in the marine and maritime sectors, available to public and private users. PLOCAN offers both onshore and offshore experimental facilities and laboratories, operational throughout the whole year thanks to the Canary Islands excellent climatic conditions. PLOCAN also brings a broad experience in large national and EU marine/maritime projects.
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