Still not part of our label?

Are you not yet part of our label? There are dozens of reasons for you to join, but here we are going to highlight only the most important ones:

It is a joint promotion tool

Beyond the union makes the strength of past decades, promoting yourself under a global brand has important advantages:

  • Share costs
  • Win in entity, since you do not present yourself as an isolated solution but integral to show yourself by the hand of other companies that are dedicated to complementary activities
  • During the development of the subsidized action – predictably also in the future – the use of digital campaigns that will make your company known in target markets will be intensive.

Collaboration and networking point

The relationships that are established in a group such as the CIS are key. Both in business forums and in representation activities, the contacts and synergies that are created are catalysts in the professional future of its members.

Personalized attention

The professionals who carry out the activity of the CIS stand out for the personalized and close treatment they establish with all its members. The specific needs of each of them are met and relationships are established that transcend mere trade.

Catalyst for attendance at international fairs

If something has characterized the CIS during its trajectory, it is to have become an indisputable reference in terms of attendance at International Fairs of the maritime sector.


Informative reference on internationalization

From a decalogue of initiation to internationalization to the opening of the last call for grants with European funds. The CIS is constantly nourished by various sources of information that will allow you to remain constantly updated on all the topics that may be of interest to you when working with international clients.