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Address Calle Vicente Alexandre, 22
Locality Telde
Phone 928 715 631
Fax 928 715 681
Postal Code 35220
E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Contact person Mario Brito Dávila (Manager)
Main Services Industrial and medical gases supply Oxygen and acetylene for welding and cutting ALIGAL. Gases for food industry, MAP packaging, beer and soft drinks pouring ARCAL. Gases for TIG and MAG welding LASAL. Gases for laser welding ALPHAGAZ. Pure gases and mixtures for laboratory Hellium for baloons. Nitrogen y CO2.
Secondary Services Home service therapies: Oxygen therapy, ventilation therapy, aerosol therapy
Codes CNAE 5155
Codes CPV 24110000-8, 24111500-0, 45262680-1, 85111700-7
Facilities Almost 900 sq. meters of Industrial Premises: 800 sq. meters warehouse, 60 sq. meters of offices, fire extintion installation and maximum installed power of 15 kW .
Equipment Several vehicules. Crane-truck up to 12 Tn
Approvals ADR
Human Resources Technical Staff
Slogan Gases at your service
History Aquarelax S. L. was founded, in 2004 as a Company performing Installation and Maintenance of Equipment for Medical Therapies such as, Aerosoltherapy, Ventilotherapy, Oxygentherapy and Sleep Apnea under subcontracts from Air Liquide Medical for its customers, such as first order private health insurance companies, Mapfre, Asisa DKV or Adeslas, acting as Official Distributor for the Medical Division at Gran Canaria. In the same year we expanded our line of business in the Medical Field by supplying of Medical Oxygen to the Health Centers on the Island of Gran Canaria, which meant an increase in the volume of our sales continued until today. In 2011, Air Liquide Spain proposed to us to be also the Official Distributor for Gran Canaria in their Division of Industrial Gases such as Nitrogen, Oxygen, Hydrogen, Helium, Acetylene or Mixtures among others, so we did an extension of activities and a Company Legal Name change to Gases Industriales y Medicinales de Canarias S.L. in order to better meet the Activities.
Additional Information GASIMSA is official distributor in Gran Canaria from Air Liquide, worldwide leader in gases for industry, health and the environment Our Services cover all sectors: welding gases, food, laboratory and medical gases
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