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Address C/ Mimosa , 31
Locality Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Phone (+34) 928 48 13 01/ 02
Fax 928 48 12 85
Postal Code 35010
E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Main Services 1) Cleaning and Waste Management in fuel tanks and pipes, either buried and aerial. 2) Cleaning and Waste Management of tanks, pipes and engine rooms on ships and oil rigs. 3) Cleaning of engines, ducts and extractor hoods in kitchens. 4) Cleaning and Disinfection in ducts and air conditioning motors.
Secondary Services 1) Cleaning of boilers. 2) Removal and cleaning of sewage tanks. 3) Cleaning and waterproofing of drinking water wells. 4) Waste Management of fats and vegetable oils. 5) Anti-slipping Treatment by nanotechnology. 6) Anti-stain and lime crystals Treatments by nanotechnology. 7) Nanotechnology Anti-corrosion Treatment.
Certifications ISO 9001; ISO 14001; ISO 18001
Codes CNAE 7484
Codes CPV 90910000-9, 76510000-1, 76520000-4
Facilities 500 square meters of Equipment and Vehicles Lot. 200 Square meters for Office and Dressing Room.
Equipment Mobile boiler for heating and cleaning.; Venturi Gas Equipment for gases Extraction in Closed Areas and Lines; Pneumatic, Hydraulic and Vacuum Pumps for move or removal of sediments or products; Gases Detectors; Autonomous Breathing Equipment; Self-made Rakes to draw residual products and floor cleaning. Steel ferrule and other special equipment; Explosion Proof Pneumatic Lights; Shuttles, Steam Injection Guns; Hoses, Couplings and other Special Accesories
Approvals 1.Repair and/or Maintainer Company of Facilities of Liquid Petroleum Products.
Human Resources Eladio Mederos Fernandes: Administrator and Controller
Slogan Safety and Quality
History Since 2002 our Company is present in the Business with young professionals with both extensive experience and dedication to service that have allowed us a rapid growth and consolidation in the Market. Every jobs are subject to a rigorous Quality Control in both the process and its completion, to be delivered with warranty and satisfying result in the most demanding services. We specially excel for the quality and speed of service due to our team of professionals with one goal: Security, Immediacy and Quality. We have qualified technicians and operators, all of them with accrediting courses and over five years experience in the field.
Presentation GRUPO AIR LLAMA is a Company with extensive experience in the Industrial Cleaning Sector . We are known for Reliability and Quality of provided Service. We specialize in services within confined spaces such as deposits, galleries, ducts and so on. We have a wide range of services aimed at different Sectors such as the Petrochemical or Hospitality, among others. In our Quest to achieve higher quality in the performance of our services and greater proactivity towards the care of the environmen , we have established a Quality and Environment Policy enclosing the following targets to be met within our Company : 1. Ensuring customer satisfaction based on an ever proper treatment and extra effort in performing our services. 2. Comply with all requirements of our customers as well as all kinds of legal and other requirements applicable in the field of quality and the environment. 3. Commit to continuously improve the quality of our services and our attitude towards the environmental impacts generated by our business. 4. Minimize our waste generation and provide training and resources to our employees in order to actively collaborate in this cause. It is fso because we, in GRUPO AIR LLAMA, will manage the waste generated contributing, thus, to take better care of our Environment. We have a 24 hour pone service in order to offer you a full service.
Additional Information Excellent value for money: • Time Reduction: the steam heats the solid product and makes it smooth and manageable. Thereby facilitating both the extraction effort and time. • We minimize the generation of hazardous wastes and dangers using dry steam, because it reduces the need to use large amounts of water, otherwise, would be mixed with the hydrocarbon thus increasing the amount of waste. • Finishing Perfection: steam heats the product to clean the surface and where this is adhered, making the product dto separate by gravity or pressure so leaving the treated surface as clean as in the original state.
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