DREDGING: We carry out dredging, both with pump and with hydraulic octopus, from our boats or from land.

MANEUVERS – ANCHORING OF DRAWERS: Anchoring maneuvers have been one of our main activities in recent years and therefore we have invested in materials designed for it, which has allowed us to face some maneuvers with a plus of safety. Multiple anchorages in various works of all the islands endorse our maneuvers.

SUBMARINE WORKS: Submarine works, being the genesis of our company, maintain a dominant value in our activity, especially when they are linked to our maritime means and are complementary to them.

BOAT RENTAL: Our fleet of boats, pontoons and our equipment and construction material are operational and available for rental with and without crew, as the case may be.

Vía Principal de la Dársena Pesquera, nave 30
+34 922710881
CIF B38459905
C.N.A.E. 2009, 5222
Instalaciones Gánguil with a capacity of 270 TN -200 m3./ MULTICAT with two helmets, ideal for all kinds of maneuvers due to its double engine and equipment on board. Removable pontoon for diving work base, drilling, support electrical and hydraulic groups. Easy transport by truck because it has a catamaran type helmet, which makes it possible to place it on an 8 meters plate in standard width. Tug prepared for maneuvers with divers, trailers, bathymetry, pusher./ Pontoon 55 mts. of length./ Auxiliary boat for small submarine works, bathymetry, inspections and maneuver support./ Small fiber boat, with large bathtub and 40 hp outboard engine for multiple uses in work with divers, maneuvers.
Equipos DREDGING: Dredging pump, Dredging clame, Dredging octopus. / WINCHES: Winches 5 TN, Anchoring Winches 44 TN. / MANEUVERING MATERIAL: Anchors, Fairleads.
Información adicional PROSUB CANARIAS S.L. is a company born in 1997, originally conceived for submarine works. Since then we have grown supported by a large number of port infrastructures that were promoted in our islands, and that time of expansion has led us to increase our horizon both professionally and business-wide to currently operate in the entire field of maritime works. The incorporation of a good number of boats to our company and the large number of complementary equipment, both diving and maneuvering and others, have made us place ourselves in an excellent competitive position. At present, the new challenges and opportunities offered by the position of the Canary Islands in the repairs of the vessels of the OIL & GAS business are the focus towards which we look, hence our latest acquisitions of boats and our investment project in diving technology to serve this reality.