Installation, calibration, verification and adjustment of INSTRUMENTATION equipment with enac traceability patterns

Process: transmitters and switches for pressure, temperature, level and flow, control valves, end of stroke…

Analyzers: conductivity, pH, Redox potential, humidity…

Environment: NOx, SO2, opacity, O2, ozone, particles…

Calle Lijadora, 21
+34 928717434
CIF A35420058
Certificaciones ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 (AENOR)
C.N.A.E. 7112
C.P.V. 31170000-8, 31214160-8, 31214500-4, 31682210-5, 38421000-2, 38434000-6, 45311200-2, 45317200-4, 50532200-5, 51111300-6, 51112200-2, 51110000-6
Instalaciones Warehouses/workshops in Las Palmas. We also have a calibration laboratory and training room.
Equipos Standard instruments calibrated with traceability to ENAC accredited laboratory: GOMETRIC pressure, thermocouples and pt-100 GOMETRIC, FLUKE digital thermometers, FLUKE multimeters, ATEX FLUKE multimeters, FLUKE megger, MC2 and MC5 BEAMEX multifunction calibrators. ECOTECH gas calibrators for NOX, SO2, O2, ozone. Flow calibrator Bios International Corporation, Defender. Scientific Gas Detectors Industrial Calibration Station.
Información adicional Dipicell S.A. is a company founded in 1988 that develops its activity, with the aim of providing a service to the industry in the fields of Process Control and Automation, Instrumentation Equipment, Analyzers of Atmospheric and Water Pollutants, Electrical Installations and Engineering, offering our customers, Quality and Service, from the conception of the project, until the start-up of the same. Dipicell S.A. makes "Customer Satisfaction" the main guide of the work to be done, using proximity to the client to attend to each of the requests or comments with the priority of providing the best solution in the shortest possible time. For this, we have staff in Madrid and in all the Canary Islands, in different facilities and clients. This allows us to provide a service with the agility that our activity requires.
RR.HH Engineers, Electricians, Assemblers, Welders, Risk Prevention Technicians