elittoral Estudios de ingeniería costera y oceanográfica

elittoral Estudios de ingeniería costera y oceanográfica

elittoral is an environmental consultancy specialized in the marine environment, created in 2007 and with a clear strength based on being highly intensive in knowledge, evidenced in the professional profile of its co-founders and the technical staff that works in the company.

The company was born from the need to provide scientific and technical knowledge to the sustainable management of the coast and the marine environment; although, these specialized services in the marine field, have been extended to other natural contexts, such as the terrestrial environment.

elittoral is a pioneer in harmonizing process transfer methodologies and, above all, knowledge from the academic field to its use in the company applied to the resolution of real problems. Our studies (analysis) and the projects we develop aim to enable sustainable development and environmental protection.

As an environmental consulting company, specialized in the marine environment, elittoral focuses on the coastal environment, which is the main axis of its business activity. It thus offers specialized services, and high added value, to all those projects whose development is related to the marine and coastal sector.

The company makes available its knowledge of the agents and processes that act on the coastal zone and that condition, not only a change in the environment but also its evolution over time. The experience accumulated in the development of the professional activity allows to decide, with the appropriate technical criteria, how to act according to the existing problems, placing special emphasis on the planning, design, evaluation and validation of the results.

The services offered by the company include the acquisition of data and / or samples of the marine environment (water, sediments and organisms), its subsequent interpretation in the laboratory and the simulation of coastal processes.

In summary, elittoral offers the following services:

Environmental assessment, resilience and climate change

  • Water quality studies
  • Bionomic studies Geological and sedimentological studies
  • Topographic and bathymetric studies
  • Analysis of adaptation and resilience of the coastal strip to climate change

Environmental inspection

  • Water quality studies
  • Sedimentary studies
  • Inspection of submarine emissaries
  • Environmental Monitoring Programs
  • Environmental monitoring of marine works and coastal actions
  • Environmental procedures

InMarine hydrodynamic and acoustic modelling

  • Maritime climate (waves, currents, tides…)
  • Wave agitation and propagation studies
  • Coastal dynamics
  • Sediment transport
  • Morphodynamics of beaches and evolution of the coast
  • Beach regeneration
  • Calculation of coefficients and oceanographic parameters


  • Hydrographic surveys
  • Detection of geological hazards
  • Submarine cables and pipelines
  • Inspection of submarine infrastructures
  • Dredging operations
  • Archaeology
  • Navigation and nautical charts
  • Structural fault detection
  • Object localization
  • Mapping and visualization

Marine Environmental Remote Sensing

  • Water quality
  • Coastal management (beaches and ports)
  • Detection of spills
  • Detection and monitoring of microalgae Bathymetry
  • Benthic classification

Education and Outreach

  • Training activities
  • Outreach and awareness campaigns
  • Workshops and days of environmental awareness / dissemination
  • University/ Summer Extension Courses
  • Conference papers and articles in scientific journals


  • Accredited marine laboratory
  • Study, characterization and diagnosis of wastewater, continental, underground, marine and consumer water, waste, compost, sludge, sediments, soils, leachates and atmospheric emissions
  • Methods of analysis described in the applicable legislation; international, national or regional
Edificio Polivante, oficinas 1 y 2, Campus Tafira
0034 928457087
CIF B35961051
Certificaciones elittoral has its quality management system certified according to ISO 9001: 2008 and its environmental management system according to ISO 14001: 2004, both since 2009. In addition, the company is accredited as an inspection entity by ENAC, with accreditation No. 351/EI565, according to criteria included in the UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17020 Standard, for Inspection activities in the Environmental area and, specifically, in the field of wastewater, marine waters, sediments and marine organisms.
C.N.A.E. 7409
C.P.V.  71356200-0; 71313450-4; 90710000-7; 90713000-8; 90711500-9; 90714500-0; 90700000-4; 73112000-0; 71313000-5; 71350000-6; 71351923-2; 90712400-5; 71310000; 71351810-4; 38221000-0; 71311220-9
Instalaciones Offices in the Polivante II Building, of the Science-Technology Park of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The company has offices in Ecuador and Guatemala.
Equipos In addition to human resources, elittoral has sufficient material resources to successfully carry out services and projects: -Resources to work in cabinet: computer equipment, telephone line, fax, Internet, furniture and consumables. -Resources for field work: means of transport and equipment for communications; various materials for the collection of information, other methodologies for this fieldwork. --Resources for working in the marine environment: • Equipment for data collection and sampling in the marine environment (water, sediments and organisms) such as, for example, scientific material to determine in situ oceanographic and physical parameters of the oceans (Multiparametric Ocean Seven Hydronaut Probe model 5316), morphological characteristics (echo sound for bathymetry, side-scan sonar, sub-bottom profiler), etc. • Simulate coastal physical processes: elittoral also has the necessary computer programs to simulate the behavior of the marine environment in different situations, for the treatment and analysis of data and its spatial representation. These programs include:  Modeling and simulation: SMC, MIKE 3, CAROL, VISUAL PLUMES, AQUALAB. These softwares are important for simulating different processes at sea (related to climate change, e.g. storm surges, floods) and for assessing their potential impact on the environment.  Data processing and analysis: MATLAB R2010a, SURFER.  Spatial data processing (GIS): ArcGIS 9, AutoCAD MAP 3D 2011, gvSIG.  Remote sensing materials: elittoral also offers solutions based on aerial remote sensing data. It has a high-performance hyperspectral camera that delivers data in more than 200 spectral bands with centimeter spatial resolution. Airborne remote sensing, especially from hyperspectral data, has proven to be the technology of the future to respond to an increasing need for environmental control and management in all types of marine and terrestrial environments. elittoral has the necessary equipment for in situ sampling and subsequent laboratory analysis that allows the calibration and validation of the results, as well as the spectral characterization of different elements.
RR.HH One of the values and pillars that sustain the business quality of elittoral is the talent that brings together through its work team. It has a human team made up of professionals specialized in different areas of the field of sciences, which gives it the peculiarity and unique characteristic of being a multidisciplinary team. It has more than half of its technicians with Doctorates in different disciplines, mainly linked to Marine Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Physical Sciences and Meteorology, and Chemical Sciences, Geology and Geography... The staff of elittoral is made up of specialist professionals, who accumulate an average of 15 years of experience in sustainable development consulting and marine consulting. This team is also characterized by its high degree of internationalization and its multidisciplinary character, with dynamic specialists of high level and technological capabilities. Among these professionals, there are graduates in Marine Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Chemical Sciences, Geography and Geology, Meteorology and Global Change, Coastal Engineers, among others. Most have a Master's or PhD in Coastal Zones and Port Engineering or Integrated Coastal Zone Management and Global Change. These characteristics demonstrate that your key competencies are suitable to lead this consultancy. The main characteristics that define our team are the following:  We have been working in research and consulting for an average of more than 15 years; specialized in oceanography, climate change and environmental studies in coastal areas, sustainable socio-economic development and planning and management of coastal uses. Our great experience, as professionals and as a team, is strongly related to coastal areas, so we really know the needs, difficulties, challenges... of them to contribute to their sustainable development.  We understand the economic sectors, their demands, offers, needs, strengths, limitations and challenges from different technical points of view: socioeconomic and environmental knowledge (multidisciplinary team)  The human and professional team we have is highly qualified to provide integral solutions ranging from the acquisition and processing of images to the validation of results through in situ measurements and data integration work and interpretation in cabinet.  We work in a network and have our own specialists in different sectors and countries, so we offer solutions adapted to specific demands and needs.