We make wave energy competitive.

We are setting new innovative standards in the use of wave energy technology, ensuring flexibility and robustness in a lightweight, low-cost solution.

We offer a non-intrusive, simple, robust and low-cost solution to harvest energy from the oceans.

Wavepiston, by rethinking wave energy, offers the world a competitive renewable energy source.

We are a dedicated team of engineers and entrepreneurs working together to make wave energy a reality: reliable and environmentally friendly.

Our vision is to make wave energy a major player in the portfolio of renewable energy sources that guarantee reliable, clean and cheap energy and, in addition, fresh water.

Our mission is to commercialize a cost-effective wave energy system for electricity production and desalination that replaces the dirty footprint of power generation and ensures clean energy and water for all.

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Certificaciones  Since it does not yet exist on the market, certifications are in process, which does not prevent us from working safely, aligned with quality and protecting our staff and the environment.
C.N.A.E.  721900 - Other forms of experimental research and development within science and technology.
C.P.V.  73100000-3 - Experimental research and development services.
Instalaciones Our system is being installed in Gran Canaria, in the marine-maritime test area for offshore renewable energy Coordinates 27°59′32"N 15°22′06"O The Wavepiston Wavepiston Wavepiston Renewable Energy System consists of a series of energy collectors assembled in line on a pipe of about 200 meters, fastened at each end by buoys anchored to the seabed. The collectors, by the Patented theory of Cancellation of forces, and the repetitive circular movement of the waves of the sea, generate pressurized water that is sent, through the pipe, to the facilities where said marine energy (pressurized water) can be used for various purposes. The use to convert it into renewable electrical energy and to desalinate water is currently being tested. https://www.plocan.eu/en/wavepiston-installs-a-wave-energy-converter-at-plocans-test-site/    
Equipos Wavepiston has a team of experienced professionals with complementary knowledge to develop all aspects of the creation of this system. This team coordinates and combines specializations in mechanical engineering, offshore installations, wind renewables, system automation, ship repair, software modeling, reverse osmosis desalination, etc.