Talleres de reparaciones Nicolás Quintana S.L.U.

Talleres de reparaciones Nicolás Quintana S.L.U.

Talleres Quintana is dedicated to the following:


Maintenance and repair of mobile equipment.

We service much of the vehicle-mounted industrial equipment. Water tanker, petrochemical products, concrete or cement, quarry machinery, civil works and cranes.


Maintenance and repair of Fixed equipment.

Machinery for petrochemical facilities, sawmills, cement plants, hospitals, laundries, aggregate plants, wastewater centers, pump rooms, overhead cranes.

Comprehensive industrial maintenance services

In compliance with RD / 1215/1997 Use of work equipment and RD / 842/2002 low voltage electronic regulation. So that our clients can have their annual maintenance books for their facilities and machinery, we offer comprehensive industrial maintenance services.

We work with the main classifiers and control bodies.


Since 1942 Quintana workshops, on the occasion of the Second European War, began with naval repairs. Over the years, these works were applied to all types of boats, carrying out the maintenance and repair of: hull, covers, wear components, engines, cranes and equipment in general.

We also have experience in the preparation of loading or unloading of equipment or special machines on board ships.

In addition, we have a large number of commercial agreements with the main suppliers and ship service companies and this allows us to assist any type of need that a ship may have. (structural, mechanical, electrical or electronic).

Maritime works and port equipment

We have been installed in the port of Tenerife for more than 50 years and this has meant that over the years the needs of the ports and their works have become an important asset in our preparation and specialization to serve this sector.

We manufacture a large number of elements such as formwork and fenders, we carry out assemblies and installations of elements or port equipment.

We maintain several marinas, maintain and repair marshes and auxiliary machinery.

Structures and locksmith

We have CE marking for structures and a group of highly qualified and certified welders to weld both carbon steel and stainless steel and aluminum, among others.

We make any type of structure and having our own machining department gives us the opportunity to manufacture precision parts for the scientific and research sector.


Throughout the history of Talleres Quintana, we have been able to appreciate many changes in the industry that lead us to be more and more careful with the environment and the environment. Our clients’ own transformation has led us to prepare for the renewables sector.

We currently have a department specialized in the repair of wind turbine gearboxes and in the repair of fissures or cracks in their chassis.


CIF B38100301
Certificaciones ISO 9001, ISO 14001, Marcado CE
C.N.A.E. 3315 Ship repair and maintenance
Instalaciones We are located in a 2957 m2 warehouse, in Dársena Pesquera, 30 - Vía Principal 38180 Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Equipos We have a human team of 20 people, including turners, welders, mechanics, engineers, and qualified administration personnel. In addition to machine tools for thermal cutting, welding, mechanics, machining and cutting and deformation.