Aquatera Atlántico

Aquatera Atlántico

Since its inception, Aquatera has managed to earn the reputation that has allowed it to be one of the leading consultancies in sectors of the blue economy both nationally and globally. Some of the key areas of development and expertise are:

  • Aquatera Ltd is one of the world’s most experienced blue energy environmental contractors, with over 350 ocean energy studies conducted internationally and several strategic ocean energy planning projects.
  • Aquatera has worked with more than 30 technological developers of marine and offshore renewable energies at an international level, supporting the development of projects from their preliminary phases
  • Consolidated reputation as an important provider of services and advice related to the blue economy sectors and their reduction of the carbon footprint.
  • Proven experience in supporting the development of projects related to underwater cables and pipelines, maritime transport, ports and port development, aquaculture, tourism, leisure and recreation, offshore wind, marine renewables, fishing and energy services, including generation, storage and distribution alternative fuels such as hydrogen.
  • Aquatera has developed marine spatial planning strategies, sector development strategies, market analysis, resource assessments, strategic environmental assessments, environmental impact assessments, environmental studies, monitoring plans, risk and resource assessments, operational plans and materials of diffusion.
  • Aquatera develops R + D + i applied to the sectors of the blue economy in the Canary Islands.
  • Extensive experience in training, transfer and dissemination of knowledge in the area of ​​blue energy.

Aquatera Atlántico employs part of the Aquatera staff to apply their experience, knowledge, tools and methods to support the development of some of the main environmental, social and energy challenges of our time in the Canary Islands. The Aquatera Atlántico team has worked tirelessly to ensure that the opportunities associated with the sustainable development of maritime industries are fully exploited and that all aspects of such developments are carried out with the highest standards of social, economic and environmental management.

Aquatera’s client portfolio includes leading technology developers, commercial project developers, utilities, agencies, communities, and governments.

Through this experience, Aquatera Atlántico aims to develop pioneering R & D & I activities in the Canary Islands in the area of ​​the blue economy and sustainable development, applying lessons learned and methodologies for the development of projects, services and products. Aquatera Atlántico also participates in international technological research projects. In this field, Aquatera Atlántico works with governments, academic institutions and industry to share, disseminate and apply research related to the blue economy sectors.

Calle Villalba Hervas, Nº9, Planta 8
+34 686870628 / +44 (0) 1856 850 088
CIF  B05412788
Certificaciones  Parent company Aquatera Ltd is ISO 9001 certified
C.N.A.E.  7219: Other research and experimental development in natural and technical sciences
Persona de contacto Natalia Álvarez Rojas
Información adicional Aquatera has experience in generating smart energy integration grid (IES) demonstration projects from a flexible energy supply to the end user, digitally linking distributed and intermittent renewable generation to flexible demand in three sectors: electricity, transport and heat / cold networks, in a comprehensive and controllable system.
RR.HH 2 university graduates, specialists in blue energy