Capital Energy presents its offshore wind projects to the companies of the Maritime Cluster of the Canary Islands 15 de November de 2021 – Posted in: Sin categoría

Executives of the entity Capital Energy, a Spanish energy company born in 2002, have met with the companies associated with the Maritime Cluster of the Canary Islands (CMC) to explain in detail their investment plans in offshore wind energy installations in island waters. Capital Energy and the CMC begin a new path of cooperation in projects in this sector, for which they have signed a confidentiality agreement that guarantees the exchange of information between both entities.

Capital Energy plans to install several offshore wind farms on the islands. For its design, construction, operation, and maintenance, Capital Energy is committed to having the benefits and services offered by Canarian companies and supporting the supply chain available to the islands. “We are already contacting key links in the supply chain to show our intentions in the offshore market and understand what cooperation agreements or services can supply us,” they say from the Spanish energy company.

Capital Energy has conceived three projects in this onshore renewable sector, two in Fuerteventura and one in Tenerife, with an investment of 50 million euros. The branches of activity in which Canarian companies will be involved in Capital Energy’s plans are, mainly, those of engineering, environmental impact assessments, geotechnical and geophysical surveys, storage of offshore wind components, power cables, cable accessories, or any other component required for the construction and installation of the offshore park, the manufacture of floating fous (partially or totally), manufacture of suction anchors (partially or totally), installation on the land of floating fous mooring systems or general offshore logistics during construction.

This Hispanic company proposes to use the largest possible percentage of Canarian industrial fabric for the first floating offshore wind energy farm on a commercial scale and to promote that this bet serves to establish the Canarian supply chain in the offshore renewable energy sector, which will encourage the interest of the international market in implementing future offshore wind farms on the islands. It would be about establishing a global precedent compared to other markets, which positions the Canary Archipelago in a privileged situation to become an international operating platform between the East Coast of the UNITED States, West Africa, and Europe. In order to count on the Canarian companies, it is essential that the interested companies detect the shortcomings of the current Canarian supply chain. Capital Energy has already signed an agreement with Astican and Zamakona Yards for the construction of offshore wind farms in the Canary Islands.

The directors of Capital Energy estimate an investment volume of about 400 million euros and operating expenses of about 375 million in 25 years, money that could remain on the islands only with its first project planned in the ZUPER area of Gran Canaria of about 250 MW.