Alfaship Shipping Agency S.L.

Alfaship Shipping Agency S.L.

• Services d’agence maritime, autorisations d’entrer dans le port, autres autorisations;

• Dédouanement à l’intérieur et à l’extérieur, autres autorisations;

• Cycle complet de services pour l’appel de soutage: vente de bunker, coordination de toutes les parties impliquées, enquête indépendante sur la quantité et la qualité des bunkers, enquête de détection de bunker, échantillonnage, etc.

• Gestion logistique du cycle complet (dédouanement / réception / stockage / livraison) sans impliquer de tiers, du dédouanement jusqu’à la livraison à l’arrivée.

• Location d’équipement DNV 2.7 – nous avons plus de 200 unités immédiatement disponibles en stock à Las Palmas

• Services d’élevage et de personnel: Rencontre / accueil et transport (de l’aéroport et de divers endroits), procédures d’immigration, traitement des lettres d’intention, autres services d’équipage (médicaux, transport spécial, etc.).

CIF B76093046
Certificaciones ISO 9001-2015, ISO 14001-2015, ISO 45001-2018
C.N.A.E. 5222
Instalaciones Customs authorized bonded storage yard and indoor storage, suitable for oversized and overweight equipment.
Equipos More than 200 units of DNV 2.7 equipment available for renal immediately in Las Palmas.
Información adicional Alfaship offers more than 30 years of experience delivering efficient bunker agency services in the Canary islands and Gibraltar Strait. From our Bunkering Agency Hub in Las Palmas we centralize, monitor and coordinate our own 12 offices based in the most important ports of Spain and in Gibraltar. Seeking to save you time and to add value to your operations, our team works hard to provide the most efficient assistance. When it comes to the assistance of bunker operations, husbandry services and underwater cleaning in the Canary Islands, Alfaship is a best known brand. Good proof of this is that we are proud to have been the market leaders for more than a decade.
RR.HH We place great value in our team, composed by the best professionals to whom Alfaship offers the possibility to continue their training in the shipping industry. Besides of our own training programm, we offer internship to recent graduates and cooperate with the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in order to find talents and provide young people with opportunities to start their professional career. Nowadays Alfaship has the biggest operations team in the Canary Islands that enables us to offer continuously open office with our operators ready to assist you immediately during the 24/7/365.