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Qui sommes-nous? 

“Canary Islands Suppliers“  est le premier portefeuille d'internationalisation de compagnies exportatrices et prêteuses de services auxiliaires des Îles Canaries.

Nous parions par l'internationalisation de nos entreprises de manière groupée, en montrant sur d'autres marchés le haut niveau de professionnalisme, de spécialisation et de qualification, en nous positionnant comme Hub logistique et des services dans l'arc l'Atlantique.

De cette manière, nous offrons aux entreprises locales attirer des clients potentiels, national et international, tout en simplifier la tâche de la recherche et des services de localisation à ces clients potentiels.

“Canary Islands Suppliers“ est destiné aux clients potentiels qui demandent des services tout au long de la côte ouest-africaine, ou de la demande des services spécialisés dans leur lieux d'origine, ainsi que les entreprises multinationales  qui établissent les Îles Canaries comme base d'opérations pour l’Afrique.

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The companies that are part of the Canary Islands Suppliers brand aim to stand out from other ports in the same geographic area by taking to another level our commitment to service quality, workplace and environmental security and professional ethics. We certify our management processes under internationally recognised standards that allow our current and future clients to obtain and test the guarantees they can enjoy with us. Our hallmarks are now and will always be service quality assurance, legal and regulatory compliance, management transparency and professionalism in everything we do.

Integrated in the European Union legal system, the Canary Islands offer total guarantee in the matter of security and protection to individuals and companies.
The Canary Islands have extremely transparent fiscal regulations, fully approved by the European Union and Double Treaty Agreements signed by Spain. Recently, several actions have been adopted to combat tax avoidance and offshore tax evasion by the OECD and the G20 governments. These transparent fiscal regulations , administered by the Economic and Fiscal Regimen of the Canary Islands (REF), benefit companies through legal process cost reductions.

The Canary Islands are an ideal location for setting the headquarters of companies that operate in Africa. The employees and their families enjoy one of the best climate in the world with services and a quality of life of the highest European standard.
The Canary Islands are an ideal location for the headquarters of companies operating with West Africa and for residence of employees and their families, since they offer security, services and a quality of life similar to that of their country of origin.

  • Legal and physical security for employees and their families
  • Legal and political stability as an European region
  • Possibility of access to quality services and education for the employee’s family
  • Access to quality health services
  • An extensive network of quality infrastructures
  • The Archipelago is situated opposite the African coast, just 100 km away from Morocco, 1,100 km away from Nouakchott (Mauritania) and 3,700 km away from Malabo (Equatorial Guinea)

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Air Connectivity

Their eight airports, six of which are international airports, receive more than 34 million passengers per year. The excellent air connectivity allows maintaining more than 400 direct flights per week with the United Kingdom and around 300 with Germany, just to quote an example. On the other hand, there are 43 flights per week to African destinations, including the main airports of Morocco, Senegal, Mauritania, Cape Verde and Gambia.

Maritime Connectivity

The Canary Islands have a wide network of commercial ports, fishing ports and marinas, some of which rank among the Spanish leading ports in passenger and freight traffic. The Archipelago is a crossroads in the routes between Europe, America, Africa and, in the few last decades, Asia. In addition, the Port of La Luz is a strategic supply, bunkering and ship repair station in the Atlantic.


There is an excellent telecommunication network in place thanks to the submarine fibre-optic cable connections and the 50 satellites that provide communications services in the Archipelago. Several international telecommunication service providers also operate in the islands with a high level of deregulation and the most advanced technologies.
We must also mention the D-ALIX project, a neutral data exchange point linked to Africa. The implementation of this world-class data centre provides a neutral point for the aggregation and distribution of tricontinental data traffic.

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With all the infrastructures, services and advantages of the European lifestyle, the Canary Islands enjoy a privileged geo-strategic position to operate efficiently in Africa.

The Canary Islands are one of Spain’s seventeen autonomous communities and, as such, form part of the European Union (EU) and of the Euro Zone. From the administrative point of view, they are divided into two provinces: Las Palmas, formed by the islands of Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote;
and Santa Cruz de Tenerife, formed by the islands of Tenerife, La Gomera, La Palma and El Hierro.

The investment in infrastructures and the natural conditions of the Archipelago allow its residents to enjoy an excellent quality of life, where business activity combines to perfection with the best leisure offers, such as yacht and golf clubs of international standing.

The best tax system in the EU, with a 4% corporation tax rate As an EU outermost region, the Canary Islands have an Economic and Tax System (REF) of their own, fully approved by the EU, which applies double taxation conventions and fiscal transparency.

High-standard european services for West Africa. The Canary Islands are a preferred destination for West African residents because they offer first-class health services, an excellent infrastructure in the matter of education and a wide cultural, commercial and leisure offer.

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With first-class infrastructures and services, the Canary Islands ports are centres of reference in the Mid-Atlantic for ship and oilrig maintenance and repair works.

The archipelago is just 100 km away from the African coast, 1,940 nautical miles away from the main oil reservoirs of West Africa, the Nigerian waters, and 3,200 nautical miles away from the second best oil reserve, the waters of Angola. Its privileged geographical location allows providing services and supplies to ships and oilrigs from countries all over the world, thus optimizing time and resources for any company operating in West Africa.

The Canary Islands ports rank among the leading Spanish and European ports in passenger and container traffic. 

Proximity to strategic points. Distance from the Canary Islands:

- By sea to Nigeria : 1940 miles
- By sea to Angola : 3200 miles

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