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Company Name TRAMES
Address Calle Americo Vespucio, 104, Salinetas
Locality Telde
Phone 630574543
Postal Code 35214
E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Contact person Alberto Pariente Baglietto - General Manager
Main Services 1. Maritime services: These services have specialized vessels with cranes and large capacity winches. 2. Hydraulic and underwater operations: in the construction of ports, works in hydraulic system dams, placement of caissons, levelling to the mark for block placement, dredging by underwater blasting, placement of turbidity barriers. 3. Directed Horizontal Drilling for marine outfalls: maritime support service to drilling company. 4. Installations of marine outfalls and seawater intakes: for WWTP, desalination plants, fish farms, entry of submarine sea-land cables 5. Sea rescue and fight against pollution: refloating of ships and installation of anti-pollution barriers. 6. Submarine ROV services: inspection of submerged structures, interior inspection of pipes and sampling. 7. Beaconing of beaches and nautical channels: Works with public organisms for installation, maintenance and custody of beacons on beaches. 8. Installation, maintenance and repair of submarine cables: laying, maintenance and repair of medium and high voltage electric cables as well as communication cables on the seabed. 9. Installations of marine renewable energy devices: prototype anchoring, monitoring and maintenance of the fixing system, offering specialized technical advice. 10. Maritime counselling: Development of work procedures and diving systems.
Secondary Services 1. Pressure tests: authorized by the Ministry of Industry, EP5 Norm: pressure recipients tests for breathable air and annual visual inspections. Authorized as an entity supplier of breathing air by EP5 Norm. 2. Extraction of fishing resources by collector divers. 3. Technical assistance in the training of professional divers.
Facilities Pontevedra: Industrial premises of 400m2, with an office of 100m2 and workspace of 200m2, with a warehouse of 100m2. // Gran Canaria: An office of 20m2.
Equipment Specialized vessels in Maritime Operations: Trames one: length 25,5m, beam 8m, strut 2,50m- Trames three: length 16,5m, beam 4,37m, strut 1,45m – Trames six: length 18,5m, beam 5m, strut 1,75m – Crimar two: length 6,8m, beam 2,5m – Trames four: length 4,5m, beam 1,85m – Bolboreta: length 6,80m, beam 2,50m.// Filmmaking equipment: - Closed TV circuit: Recording system DVR storage on SD card.// Diving equipment:- air compressor MCH6- air compressor MCH16 - Diving helmets of the Kirby Morgan 37 Bandmask 28 - Gas distribution chart Kirby Morgan.// // Approved and certified pontoon , of aluminum dimensions 4000x3000mm.// ROV vehicle: ROV Seabotix SBL300.
Human Resources 3 nautical graduates, 2 university graduates, 1 technician for work hazard prevention, 10 divers.
Slogan Maritime and underwater services and specialized technical advice.
Presentation TRAMES LLC is an entity that initiates in 2004, specialised in executing operations and maintaining undersea structures. At present, the entity has specialized vessels in maritime services, that offer together with its qualified technical personnel, and the acquired experience, services such as: hydraulic and underwater operations, maritime support to specialized entities in horizontal drilling, setting - up of marine outfalls and seawater intakes, technical support to salvage and the fight against pollution, the beaconing of beaches and nautical channels and technical maritime advice to entities. As a new service, Trames LLC, with the experience acquired in different marine test beds in Spain as well as in the electric marine sector, offers the instalment service, maintenance and repair of electrical marine cables of medium and high voltage, as well as in communications. It also offers the instalment service of marine renewable energy devices, this is, participation in mooring devices and tracking and maintenance of the fixing systems at disposal, offering specialized technical advice. Additionally, Trames LLC offers services such as authorized pressure tests from the Ministry of Industry Standard EP5, extraction of fishing resources and technical assistance for the professional diving training. The tasks and projects executed by Trames LLC., are the result of more than 15 years of acquired experience in the maritime sector, work carried out accross all the national territory. At present, the offices are situated in the industrial premises inside of Puerto de Marín, Pontevedra and in Salinetas, Telde.
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