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Address Calle Las Mimosas, 65
Locality Agüimes
Phone +34 677 653 051
Postal Code 35118
E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Contact person Marta Espino – Local Manager
Main Services WORK SHOP: Prefabrication - Machining - Prefabrication / Welding services Mechanical - Maintenance - Mechanical completion - Flushing & testing - Preservation and storage// QUAYSIDE: - Mob / demob services - Maintenance - Installation – Modification
Secondary Services Shipyard in a box solution. We have containers with tools and equipment to execute projects anywhere.
Certifications ISO 9001
Codes CNAE 2511
Facilities • 600 m2 workshop, with the possibility of expansion. • 650 m. Deepwater quay with ro-ro quay. with depths of up to 15 meters. • Containers and equipment ready to go. "Shipyard in a box."
Equipment MACHINES: - 1 Automatic Gas/plasma cutting machine 2x6 meter plate. - 1 Bandsaw Machine - 1 Radial milling/drilling machine - 1 Universal lathe machine - 1 universal milling machine - 12 Mig/ Mag welding machines (With calibration certificates) - 2 Tig welding machines - 5 portable stick welding machines - 3 portable Mig/ Mag welding machines - 1 gas cutting machine mounted on rails. - 2 bridge cranes in workshop// IN STOCK: - Some certified steel, such as plates, beams, axles etc. - Various materials for machining, such as bronze, stainless, aluminum. - various screws and bolts - Various strobe couplings in stainless steel - flanges and supports for pipes
Approvals ISO 3834 Fusion welding. Certified welders, Skilled workers for sheet metal work and pipes.
Human Resources From our main company in Norway we can supply all categories of personnel. Everything from engineers to welders and plate workers. With increasing activity, we will also hire locally.
Slogan Excellence In Steel Construction
Presentation RadøyGruppen is a Norwegian manufacturer of subsea process systems and steel structures to the petroleum industry and marine sector. In addition, have a large part of RadøyGruppens activity been modification services for vessels. Radoygroup Rig and Shipservices SL, located at Gran Canaria Subsea and Offshorebase in Arinaga has been established to meet our customers’ needs worldwide for inspection, repair and maintenance services. To the full extent we perform complete rebuilds and modifications. RadøyGruppen offers full flexibility and 49 years of experience.
Additional Information El acero es lo que somos: confiable, sólido y bien fundado. También somos seguros como acero: un exitoso especialista en fabricación de acero estructural y un socio comercial confiable. Estamos orgullosos de nuestra mano de obra e infraestructuras. Estamos orgullosos de cómo tratamos a nuestros trabajadores en todas nuestras instalaciones. También nos enorgullecemos de dirigir un negocio eficiente, haciendo soluciones rentables para nuestros clientes. RadøyGruppen es consciente que la cooperación con empresas como Aker Solutions y Otech es una mejora significativa de nuestra capacidad total. Esta cooperación garantizará soluciones rentables. Reducimos la necesidad de consultores externos. Los servicios de cooperación de Rig cubren todas las disciplinas internas con una organización de proyecto fusionada. En Arinaga en GCSB, nuestros clientes pueden beneficiarse de la competencia y la capacidad total de la cooperación.
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