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Company Name Carburos Metálicos
Address Calle Pescador, 21, Playa de Salinetas,
Locality Telde
Phone 928 13 61 47
Fax 928 13 10 72
Postal Code 35219
E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Contact person Rut Garcia Campillo, Coomercial Manager from Canary Islands
Main Services Carburos Metálicos is a leading company in the sector of industrial and medicinal gases that produces, distributes and sells gases to multiple sectors: metallurgy, glass, water, food, medicine, energy, petrochemical, laboratories, refrigeration, oenology, leisure and beverages. The company provides with a vast range of products, solutions and services to its customers, as well as materials and equipment for the applications of these gases.
Facilities Carburos Metálicos produces in Telde C2H2, N2, O2, as well as their mixtures, it packages other non-local manufactured gases and supplies products and services to important sectors of the canary economy such as, for example, carbonated drinks, mineral waters, metallurgy, osmosis plants and the hospital sector. We have a team of more than 600 professionals in Spain, a daily production capacity of more than 1.200 tons of liquefied gas, 12 production plants, 14 packaging plants, 2 high purity gas laboratories and a center for I + D located in Bellaterra (Barcelona).
Equipment As part of its proximity policy, Carburos Metálicos is involved in different projects and initiatives directed at its human resources as well as its closest clients and collaborators. A clear example of this is a collaborative project with Vidrieras Canarias, a neighboring plant, pioneer at a global scale due to its characterists, and which is already an important reference in the search for synergies in the field of industry in our country. Since 2014, Carburos Metálicos has a CO2 plant in Telde with an innovative collaborative project that increases the efficiency and sustainability of its industrial processes. Due to the new CO2 capture facilities, the glass plant in Telde in the Canary Islands emits its CO2 directly to Carburos Metálicos plant, which it stores for its subsequent distribution in the food sector. In Telde, 8.000 tons of CO2 emissions have been reduced to the atmosphere per year, as well as 97% of the emission of other gases, such as nitrogen oxides (NOx) and sulfur oxides (SOx).
Human Resources Implementation of Data Enabled Driver Coaching (DEDC), a new continuous training process for its drivers that, based in the telematic recollection of data, improves the security and the driver’s efficiency.
Slogan Gases and innovation for science, industry and health.
History Funded in 1897, it has 120 years at the industrial service of the country and always has maintained a strong connection with society. The presence of Carburos Metálicos in Gran Canaria dates to the second half of the 30s, although it is not until 1963 when it has an industrial presence. In 1981, the company builds the Telde plant and today is the only operational center in the Canary Islands where CO2, acetylene, nitrogen and oxygen are produced to supply the Canarian industry, especially in the food sector. From our origins, producing calcium carbide used for the public lighting until today, our gases are present in all the areas of life and our equipment is the most technologically advanced. We are part of a history full of challenges thanks to which we continue to grow with our clients, innovating together with companies and helping to develop new solutions that are more sustainable. Since 1995, Carburos Metálicos is part of the American group Air Products.
Presentation It is the only gas company that covers all of Spain, through a network of 160 agents that provide flexibility, closeness and that allow it to serve more than 100.000 clients.
Additional Information The European Industrial Gases Association grants to Carburos Metálicos the Prize to the best environmental initiative in 2016.
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