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Address Muelle León y Castillo, s/n
Locality Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Phone 928300641
Postal Code 35008
E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Contact person Jose Juan Socas–Manager
Main Services MOORING SERVICE: SEPCAN/SAPCAN has the rights to mooring in the Puerto de la Luz y de Las Palmas, giving to this port, an answer to the needs of the users of an integral service of mooring on land and afloat. This service is carried out 24 hours a day and the 365 days of the year. This service has been the first to get from the State Ports the manual of mooring of the Puerto de la Luz y de Las Palmas. We have available for the supply of these services adequate and suitable boats for a better result. Thanks to our long experience we have carried out operations of high level moorings, vessels of high tonnage and also oil platforms.// FIGHT AGAINST CONTAMINATION - F.A.C.: The SEPCAN/SAPCAN group has made in the last years a decided investment in the issue of the fight against maritime contamination. The care of the maritime environment within the port area is vital to be able to have a port clean of spillage. On this line the SEPCAN/SAPCAN group has become specialized in the fight against maritime pollution through the spillage of hydrocarbons, being the leading company in the Canaries in this sector. We carry out the collection of liquid residues in the Port of La Luz y de Las Palmas integrated in the Contingency Plan of the Port Authority, being what more those who carry out the active vigilance service on ships loading and unloading fuels, and also intervention in the case of an accidental spillage into the sea occurring. The success and the great result obtained in different interventions carried out have given us the necessary experience. The high formation of staff homologated by the Ministerio de Fomento, allows us to have highly qualified professionals giving the best quality of service lent. The mechanical means that we dispose of for carrying out this service are the most modern and suitable for use in the different operations.// WATER SUPPLY SERVICE: With the increase of the activities of SEPCAN/SAPCAN, another basic port service was carried out, such is the supply of drinking water to vessels Thanks to the versatility of the company, this service has been able to be improved, increasing year after year the number of tonnes supplied, thanks to the 24 hour service.// CRUISER SERVICES: The SEPCAN/SAPCAN group has traditionally been the company that has carried out the service of attention to cruise passengers that arrive in the port of La Luz y de Las Palmas. With the passing of time the human and material resources have adapted to the needs necessary for this service, changing from a simple manual operation to a combination of specialized mechanical resources such as conveyor belts, fork lift trucks, transport carriers etc. At the moment the shipping agents of the cruisers that arrive at our port through the operators TUI and PULLMANTUR get the specialized service of: passenger baggage handling, scanning and sorting of suitcases information help for the passenger through hostesses at the foot of the cruisers and also at the airport itself. The efficiency and quality of these services and also others that are lent in the Puerto de la Luz y de Las Palmas have taken this port to receive important prizes at world level and also as a port specialized in cruisers. The high staff qualification that carries out the tasks and also the different machinery used for the different services makes this service be high quality and professional.//
Certifications ISO 9001,ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, QUALICERT
Facilities We have available vessels specialized in the collection and storage of hydrocarbons, the best anti-contamination barriers, different types of skimmers, portable storage tanks, suction pumps etc.
History The companies SEPCAN/SAPCAN are the fruit of the work of a Canarian family which has been tied to the Puerto de La Luz y de Las Palmas since1936. At that time Don José Socas Villalba (better known as Robayna) worked there, he was the first moorer in the Puerto de la Luz y Las Palmas, grandfather of Don Juan Socas Betancor. Years later, in 1986, a co-operative was founded, called "SOCIEDAD COOPERATIVO LIMITADO AMARRADORES DEL PUERTO DE LA LUZ Y DE LAS PALMAS; SOCIEDAD COOPERATIVA LIMITADA" constituted among others by Don Carmelo Socas Santana, y Don Juan Socas Betancor (son and grandson respectively of Don Juan Socas Robayna) the last being the majority shareholder and current managing director of the Sepcan / Sapcan Group. With all security, the companies are the result of an investment made with Canarian capital, improved through three generations. SEPCAN was constituted in 1998 giving an answer to the need to offer port users an integral service of mooring afloat and on land. The basic activity was progressively complemented with others, such as the unloading service and transport of passenger luggage, service of supply of crews and boats, service of prevention and fight against contamination by spillage of hydrocarburate into the sea and the service of water supply to vessels.
Presentation In the Sepcan/Sapcan group we know the importance of the qualities of our services that is why we want the satisfaction of our clients to be maximum. Since years ago all our services have counted with the certifications ISO9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, and QUALICERT. In the same way we have implanted a management system based on quality. The systems implanted use the continual improvement in the work procedures used, the continual formation of our workers, aiming for an increase in the quality of our service, trying to prevent errors.
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