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Address Calle Delineante 22, 1º
Locality Telde
Phone +34 928 70 73 37
Postal Code 35219
E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Contact person Jose Luis Guersi–Manager
Main Services Support Center for Innovation and Internationalization of marine-maritime activities. Main Activity Areas: Green and Intelligent Ports, Coastal and Maritime Tourism, Aquaculture and Fisheries, Maritime Security.// INTERNATIONALIZATION: International cooperation is a goal of CETECIMA. We aim to develop services and capabilities in the field with the sharing of scientific and technological developments through cooperation projects. CETECIMA designs, develops, coordinates and manages development cooperation projects in different fields, with the emphasis on those that are innovative and technology-based in the marine environment. International cooperation in the CETECIMA began in West-Africa, especially in Morocco where CETECIMA has stable cooperation channels and has developed several successful projects. Nowadays Cetecima has cooperation proyect with Senegal and Cabo Verde. CETECIMA applies its knowledge in different activity areas transferring skills and technologies to create development where it is needed most, especially in the environmental and marine sector (Sustainable fisheries development, clean energy, environmental management systems in harbours,….) .// INNOVATION: The area of innovation management is launching a series of technology services focused on the revitalization, promotion and development of innovation projects aimed at raising the competitiveness of the maritime marine sector companies in the Canary Islands. Identification and promotion of innovation projects, General project management, Technology services.// MANAGEMENT AND ADVICE.
Presentation Nonprofit private organization linked to the marine and maritime sector, nationally and internationally. We provide solutions to the maritime industry since 2004. CETECIMA has a technical capacity based on its wide experience in the development of multidisciplinary projects and surveys, linked to the marine and maritime sector at a national and international level.
Additional Information CETECIMA´s main goals are: Contributing to the development and improvement of the competitiveness of enterprises in the maritime marine sector, specialising in these three areas: Finance, science and technology. Undertake actions to promote the development and support to companies in the maritime sector for its stimulation, integration and participation in the fields of R+D+I (Research, Development and Innovation), on a regional, national and international level in order to facilitate the stimulation and cohesion to the spanish system of science and technology in that sector. Promoting the integration of companies in the maritime marine sector in networks and forums of permanent interaction, on a regional, national and international level. Linking, connecting and coordinating the transfer of research results within the business market.
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