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Address Avenida Manuel Hermoso Rojas, 3
Locality Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Phone +34 922202641
Postal Code 38005
E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Contact person Ángel González–Manager
Main Services BUNKER FUELS: We have supplied marine fuels produced at our refineries since 1929. We are leaders in Spain and Panama and one of the principal suppliers globally. These operations are made via pipeline, tankers, or through a barge service, all following strict safety and quality controls. As well as being a leader in these markets, we are also expanding our international bunkering activities to ports across the world.// JET FUELS: We supply fuels to the main national and international airlines. Through our subsidiaries CMD, Cepsa Aviación and Spanish Intoplane Service (SIS) we provide storage and refueling services.// FUELS: We market our fuels through a large network of over 1,700 service stations in Spain and Portugal, as well as Andorra and Gibraltar. We also have the largest fuel distribution network for home supplies, automotive fuels, agriculture and heating.// GAS: We market butane, autogas propane and natural gas. Our bottles are available at over 2,000 sales points and we also deliver them right to the door though a large distributor network. We also provide wholesale propane for transport, homes, and industrial installations.//
Secondary Services ASPHALTS: We develop, produce and market bitumen emulsions, modified bitumens, and special products to meet varied uses for road construction, industry, sports arenas, and waterproofing walls, among many others. We hold the EC certification for bitumens and cationic emulsions. This allows us to market and export the asphalts we produce at our refineries across the EU. We also export across the world, especially to North Africa.// LUBRICANTS: We are leaders in the Spanish lubricants market, where we market and distribute products under the Cepsa and Ertoil brands. We have a wide range of products including base oils, paraffins, greases and finished lubricants.// BASIC PETROCHEMICALS: We principally sell raw materials such as benzene, toluene, solvents, propylene, xylene and cyclohexane, produced at our chemicals plants.// SERVICES: We have a wide range of services focused on professional transport: payment cards, road tolls, technical assistance, among many others. We also have services aimed at individual customers: financing for consumption, Cepsa visa, and more. We also offer customers the ability to acquire products and make orders or contracts online, as well as access to online bills or billing history.//
Human Resources Our success is based on people. At Cepsa we grow thanks to the work and commitment of our human team. We are a company with strong values and we strive to attract and retain talent in the pursuit of technical excellence.
Slogan We give energy solutions to people.
Presentation We are a global, integrated company operating across the entire oil and gas value chain. Mubadala Investment Company Group is our sole shareholder and we have over 90 years of experience. This has helped us to be one of the leading energy companies in Spain and to develop our businesses across five continents. At Cepsa we work to make sure that our customers find all the right energy solutions to meet their needs. And we always strive to make sure their experience with Cepsa is excellent. To do this we work to continuously improve and offer the best quality, while ensuring that the safety of our staff, customers and installations is always the priority.
Additional Information Our technical excellence and ability to adapt drives us to bring the best of energy to every reality. Close to 10,000 experts from across the world make it possible relying on our values of safety, sustainability, continuous improvement, leadership, and solidarity. We are also recognized for our operational excellence and integration in all our businesses. This makes us a robust company, and we act in an efficient way in an ever changing environment.
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