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Address Calle Pintor , 15, Salinetas
Locality Telde
Phone 928 239 700
Postal Code 35219
E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Contact person Daniel Rodriguez Santana - General Manager
Main Services WIND ENERGY ON & OFFSHORE. -Blade Inspection, Blade Repair, Cleaning Outside Of Nacelle, blade and Tower, -Inspection, Tighten and screw Sealed, - Treatment Of Corrosion, -Daytime buoy painting, -Installation of Instrumentation, -replacement of Vinyl, -Electricity and Electronic, -Photographic report, -Assistance in Mounting, -Measurement Of Conductivity, -Rescue team. // INDUSTRY ON & OFFSHORE. - Treatment Of Corrosion y Painting, -Repair of Concrete, -Inspection y Repair Of Dams y Reservoirs, Both The corrosion Of Iron As The Application Of Special Products For The Maintenance Of Concrete, - Systems Hydraulic, Cleaning y Maintenance Of Structures Metal y of concrete, -Preservation, -Cuts and Welding, -Modification of Structures, -Tighten and Fatliquors, -Electricity and Electronic, -Installation of cabling, instrumentation and sensors in Weather towers and towers in Telecommunications, -Inspections Techniques, -Reports Photographic, -Reports Technical, -Plan Of Bailouts y Equipment Of Bailouts , Qualified With The Latest Techniques In Bailouts With Ropes, -Drops objects survey.// NON-DESTRUCTIVE TESTING. Particles Magnetic, Liquids Penetrating, Currents Induced.// SECURITY. - Review y Certification Of PPE’S For Works in height, -Review y Certification Of Systems Anti-falls. // LINES OF LIFE. - Elaboration of Projects, -Production of parts and supports Certificates, -Installation and certification of life lines Horizontal and vertical over structures and Covers, - Lines Of Life Temporary, For Works Industrial y Works Civil, Review y Maintenance Of Lines Of Life, - Installation and Certification Of Devices of anchors, -Review and Maintenance Of Points of anchors, Installation y Certification Of Networks Anti-Falls In metal structures, both in industry and In Work Civil.
Secondary Services BUILDING AND CIVIL ENGINEERING WORKS. - Installation Of Networks Anti-particle For Fall Of Objects, -Repair y Painting Of Facades y Patios, - Arrangements y Sealed Of Together y Windows, -Fixing Of Slabs y Texas, -Cleaning Of Facades By Environment Of Water a Pressure, -Cleaning of Crystals, -Affixing of vinyls, advertising tarpaulins and luminous signboards. Maintenance Of Structures Metal y Of Wood, -Works of welding in Height, -Change Of Downspouts y Works Of Plumbing, -Development Of Expert e Reports Technical Of Buildings y Structures Metal, - reatment and Sanitation Of Concrete Through special materials for Dams, Reservoirs and Wells, -Treatment y Sanitation Of Towers Of High and a half Voltage, Towers Of Telecommunications y Towers Weather. // SERVICES SPECIAL TO COMPANIES. -Our electrical technicians are trained Medium and low voltage, - Installation of cables from ICP to centralization of counters, installation of trays, rigid pipes (halogen-free and metallic) and flexible pipes, installation and connection of Decorative projectors in shopping centers and hotels, -Installation Of Trays, Tubes, Cables y Sensors Fire fighting. Our technicians are formed for the installation and connection of computer cables BnG, RJ-45, RJ-11) y Cables and Connectors Of Systems Audio-Visuals (XLR , Din, Speakon, Jacks ), - We install metal trays for canalization, installation of wiring, connectors, assembly and Dismantling of equipment, -Pair of telecommunications tower tightening, inspection, repair and preservation. Review of Beacons and light changes.
Certifications ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001
Approvals IRATA L1, L2 Y L3. Industria Rope Access Trade Association. GWO BST -Global Wind Organization Basic Safety Training: Works In Height , Management Manual Of Loads, first aid, fire extinguishing and survival In The Sea. OPITO - Offshore Petroleum Industry Training Oil and Gas: MIST, BOSIET, HUET, EBS y NEC. AEND-Asociación Española de Ensayos No Destructivos: Currents Induced-Level 1, Particles Magnetic-Level 2, Liquids Penetrating-Level 2. WELDS 2G, 3G, 6G AND TIG
Presentation We are a Team Of Technical experts In Works Vertical(rope access work). Our young and dynamic counts with more 50,000 hours of work in height and Suspension works. We have a great experience demonstrated in different sectors: building, wind industry, oil industry, refinery, Infrastructures and rescues. We are defined by our professionalism and versatility of all technicians to face great challenges in the most complex circumstances and environment, working as a team and coordinating properly and efficiently. We offer to our customers a wide range of services, repair and maintenance services in all those places of difficult access or by rope access, minimizing the risks of accident and the execution times. We hold the certification ( currently Known IRATA* ) which guarantees that our rope access technician and procedures are the safest and international levels. LEVEL 1 He is a rope access technician who can perform a limited number of vertical job tasks under the supervision of a Technician of rope access Of Level 3 Certificate By IRATA. LEVEL 2 He is a rope access technician who can install the ropes when used for working at height, perform rescues and execute works under the supervision Of Level 3 technician certified by IRATA. LEVEL 3 It is a vertical work technician capable of supervising vertical projects, is thoroughly familiarized with the proper techniques and legislation. Also, the technician knowns the most advanced rescue techniques.
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