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Address Calle Alfred Nobel, 31
Locality Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Phone 928 42 69 13
Postal Code 35013
E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Contact person Manuel Ruiz de la Rosa - General Manager
Main Services ECOS is an environmental, coastal engineering and R&D consulting agency for enterprises and public bodies, whose main specializations are in the marine environment.*Environmental land-use management planning *Planning, management and monitoring of protected areas *Environmental impact assessments *Monitoring plans *Eco-mapping studies *Water quality studies *Sediment studies *Taxonomic studies *Bathymetric studies *Geophysical survey *Underwater inspections *Hydrodynamic studies *Particle dispersion studies / discharge modeling *Wave climate study / coastal dynamics *Marine outfall designs *Beach stabilization *R & D
Presentation We are an environmental, coastal engineering and R&D consulting agency for enterprises and public bodies. Founded in 2007, we believe in sustainable development, the balance between the conservation of our ecosystems and natural resources and development. This is the starting point of our consulting services and research projects we develop, always focused on helping our customer to eliminate its environmental impact and footprint . This vision and our pursuit of excellence have allowed us to grow in the regional and national market, as well as in the international one, investing in R&D to offer the best innovative solutions to our customers. An interdisciplinary group of engineers and graduates in different branches of science integrate ECOS team, enabling the company to approach different environmental problems and solutions with a broad view.
Additional Information ECOS ENVIRONMENT. The Environment area is part of ECOS’ core. Since our inception, we always take into consideration the evaluation and minimization of impacts and the conservation of resources in all the projects we do, both in the marine environment, our main specialisation, as well as on land. ECOS WATER. Water is and will be the main driving force of life, development and progress. At ECOS we know the great importance of ensuring a sustainable integrated water cycle using environmental-friendly technologies. With the purpose of working towards the vision, we have developed our own solutions for the water industry. ECOS ENERGY. The future of the planet depends on the penetration of renewable energies in our energy systems. At ECOS, we work to make the transition as sustainable as possible. We have developed our expertise in the wind industry, where we work for big companies, striving to reduce their ecological footprint and making them more sustainable. COASTAL ENGINEERING. With the development of a considerable amount of works related to the coastal area, we have carried out several projects linked to coastal engineering, such as projects to design natural swimming pools, marine works, marine outfall, etc., always taking into account the environmental component and sustainability. ECOSTEC. . R&D is not only our passion but the key pillar of our expansion; building upon our large experience and knowledge and with the objective of being the best partners for our customers we have developed innovative solutions to improve our services. In this sense, we have been coordinators of research projects at European level, developing innovative and disruptive technology to minimize environmental impacts in the fields of offshore aquaculture and desalination plants brine discharges.
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