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Address Calle Pinillos Izquierdo, Tallers Sanper
Locality Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Phone 928 327 072
Fax 928 327 081
Postal Code 35008
E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Contact person Juan José Ortega Guarda - Production Manager
Main Services BOILERS In this department we make any kind of work forming and welding of plates, in carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminum. We have certified welders and procedures internationally accredited institutions. MACHINED In the machining department, we proceed to the development of parts with milling machines, machining centers and CNC lathes, as well as other auxiliary machinery necessary for the termination of the same. We have a machinery that by size, weight and parts to repair the same technology, we are at the forefront to perform all kinds of work of machine tools. MECHANICS Our department performs mechanical repair of any type of engine and repair winches, reducers, safety valves, valves for boilers, pressure and vacuum valves, as well as any kind of mechanical element, either by renewing elements or developing new department of our machine tools. We have a test pressure from -76 to 1000 Bar Bar certified by the following rating agencies: -. Bureau Veritas Germanischer Lloyds Lloyds Register. All repairs of pressure or vacuum elements are delivered with test certificates. PROPELLER REPAIRS This department is responsible for the repair and polishing of all kinds of propellers, both Cunial as stainless steel. All the repairs are made under the ISO standard 484/1 and 484/2, and for this, we have both procedures as welders certified to perform repairs. METALOCK SYSTEM Metalock international system, patented cold repair techniques. With international warranty repairs: Casting, steel, bronze and aluminum. SPECIAL WELDING We have a special welding department where we can weld virtually any type of material. We can wear preventive welds. TURBOCHARGERS Our workshops are equipped with the latest generation technical means (balancing machines, equipment microchorreo, ultrasonic and steam cleaning, etc.) and operated by qualified personnel with extensive and proven experience in the sector, to carry out any repair turbochargers of any brand. Since 2013 we are authorized service agents MET TURBO. We carry out preventive maintenance and supported by our department of special welding, recovered in most cases, damaged in steel, cast iron, aluminum, high strength coatings components, etc. WATER JET Since 2010 we have a Water Jet machine with cutting-edge 3-D up to 45 °. With it we can make cuts to various types of material: stainless steel, steel, brass, aluminum, plastics, wood, ceramics, etc. Surface treatment We are official applicators Henkel products for the treatment of all types of surfaces. Henkel a leader in adhesives, sealants and specialty coatings for all surface types brand. GASKETS AND WASHERS Custom manufacture of all kinds of seals: piston, damping, scrapers, guides, radial shaft seals, toric... Applications in naval sectors, mining, aerospace, wind power, etc.
Secondary Services Ultrasonic Cleaning
Certifications ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 (BUREAU VERITAS)
Codes CNAE 3511
Codes CPV 31153000-3, 34320000-6, 34913600-6, 42123500-2, 42160000-8, 42612000-9, 42662000-4, 43830000-0, 44163100-1, 44621200-1, 45262680-1, 45350000-5, 50531100-7
Facilities 2,500 sq. meters industrial building with 4 overhead cranes of different tonnage. Installed fire extintion system compressed air, waste segregation area, maximum installed power of 80 KW Pressure test bench, measuring and calibration equipment
Equipment Fleet of vehicles, lathes, boring machine, equipment for all type of welding, rectifyers, bending cylinders, milling machines, water jet machine, etc.
Approvals EIP2 Installation Company, ERP Reconstructive Company, Gas Installer types A, B, C, I, II and III; Fire Protection Installations, Installer types 4 and 6 Maintainance Type 4; Refrigeration Installations Type I and II; Welding and Approved Procedures in TIG, MAG, MIG, Arc welding…
Human Resources Mechanical Engineers, Design Engineer, Crane operators, Welders, Mechanics
Slogan We do what we know, we know what we do
History Sanper has served to naval and industrial sector since its founding in 1978. After 35 years of service to our customers, we continue providing them with our Philosophy of Improvement and Quality Service plus a continuous expansion of New Services and Reparation Techniques for a diversity of breakdowns. Taller Sanper is a leader in Industrial and Naval Repair and Maintenance at Canary Islands. Our company has the staff and technical equipment to solve any problems with the highest quality, efficiency, reliability and safety. We specialize in all sort of special welding (Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Titanium, Copper Alloys and so on). You will get sensitive savings by the service life increasing of treated parts. If you can not come to our workshops, we will go to your ships or installations instead.
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