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Company Name PERI, S.A.U.
Address Calle Los Mocanes, 18
Locality Carrizal, Ingenio
Phone 928 787 550
Fax 928 787 630
Postal Code 35240
E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Contact person Álvaro de Cádiz (Canary Islands Delegate) Francisco Javier Megías (Southern Spain Regional Director)
Main Services Formwork, Scaffolding and Shoring equipment supplier and manufacturer Engineering, Design, Planning and Technical Assessment, Rental and Sales Logistics Services, Technical Assistance to Jobsites and Customers, Special Formworks, Erection and Dismantling, Repair and Cleaning Services and Customers Training Rental, Erection and Dismantling equipment on Offshore Rigs, Naval Industry and Oil Refineries
Certifications ISO 9001 (SGS)
Codes CNAE 5162
Codes CPV 44112420-8, 44212310-5, 44212315-0, 44212317-4, 44230000-1, 45255400-3, 45422000-1, 50240000-9, 50246400-5, 71240000-2, 71241000-9, 71300000-1, 71318000-0, 71356200-0, 71356400-2
Equipment Industrial Scaffolding, Multidirectional Scaffolding, Shoring and Shoring Towers, Props, Access Decks and Staircases, Safety Relevant Systems Against Falling, Vertical and Horizontal Formwork, Climbing and Self – Climbing Systems, Perimeter Protection Systems in height, Formwork for Tunnels, Bridges and Dams, Engineering, and own Health and Safety Department
Human Resources Erection and Dismantling Qualified Personnel
History PERI was founded in 1969 in Weissenhorn, Germany, and began its activities in Spain in 1975. Along these 40 years PERI has permanently contributed to improve and streamline the construction process related to formwork and scaffolding as well as to improve the safety of the workers on site. Spain´s headquarter is one of the 51 subsidiaries and 110 logistic centers worldwide owned by PERI Group to provide customers a direct service of engineering, large stocks of rental material, special formworks, cleaning and repairs as well as technical and logistics on site assistance. Being present in most of the construction sites in Spain and willing to continue, one of our main objectives is to keep growing in the global market and increase our presence abroad. Our company´s great innovation´s strength together with an experienced sales force, technical and engineering departments are the solid foundation to keep offering our customers the same high service quality as before.
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