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Address Muelle Reina Sofía, s/n
Locality Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Phone 928 935 959
Postal Code 35008
E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Contact person Miguel Moreno - Service Manager
Main Services MAN Energy Solutions/PrimeServ Las Palmas can offer maintenance, troubleshooting and repairs for diesel engines (2 stroke engines as well as 4 stroke engines), turbochargers and marine propellers 24-hour service for original spare parts by MAN Energy Solutions/ PrimeServ Las Palmas
Certifications ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 (DNV)
Codes CNAE 3315
Codes CPV 31158300-1, 34310000-3, 34731300-3, 34913600-6, 42110000-3, 50110000-9, 50116600-7, 50240000-9
Facilities Our hub is equipped with advanced technologies for repairs and workshop 600m2. The workshop is equipped with the latest tools in order to re-deliver the parts back within the shortest time Fire extinction systems, compressed air installation and waste segregation area
Equipment Ultrasonic cleaning facility Equipment for repairing fuel injection and pumps Equipment to overhaul cylinder covers, pistons, exhaust and inlet valves, cylinder liners and other engine components SCHENCK balancing equipment Sandblasting facility by glass pearl
Approvals Official MAN Energy Solutions Workshop
Human Resources Service Engineers, Field Superintendents, Workshop team.
Slogan We convert energy into sustainable progress and prosperity.
History MAN Energy Solutions is the world market leader for large diesel engines for use in ships and power stations, and is one of the three leading suppliers of turbo machines. We can look back on more than 250 years of industrial history. The roots of the company, and indeed of the whole MAN Group, go back to 1758. That was the year the “St. Antony” Ironworks laid the foundation for the coal and steel industry in the Ruhr region. In the years 1893-1897 Rudolf Diesel and M.A.N. engineers developed the first diesel engine at the Augsburg premises, and in 1904 the company constructed its first steam turbine at Oberhausen. This innovative spirit continues to characterize the company today – MAN Energy Solutions and our business units are one of the technological leaders in our sector. We forward technological development in our relevant business segments. In 2010 MAN Energy Solutions Canarias opened a new Service Center in Las Palmas Port. The new location improves the service offered to its clients. PrimeServ Las Palmas is well placed to offer the full MAN Energy Solutions Service portfolio to all ports and power plants in Canary Islands and West Africa.
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