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Company Name LABAQUA S.A.
Address Paseo Maestra Encarnación Santana Santana, 10
Locality Telde
Phone 928 682 840
Fax 928 691 778
Postal Code 35200
E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Contact person Ana María Rodríguez Millán (Delegate of Canary Islands)
Main Services Laboratory for Analysis and Quality Control We perform analytical Services to: All types of waters, Soils, Sludges, Leachates, Solid Waste, Air Quality (emissions, immissions, workplace atmosphere). Consulting and Analysis Services, high added value equipment and systems, Environmental Services by means of Counselling and Management in the following areas: Consultancy and Environmental Monitoring, Chemical Risk Assesment, Biosecurity, Diagnosis and Odour Control, Environmental Modelling, Noise Measurement and Control, Marine and Coastal Services
Certifications ISO 9001, ISO 14001 (APPLUS), ISO 17020, ISO 17025 (ENAC), OHSAS 18001 (AUDELCO)
Codes CNAE 7430
Codes CPV 38341500-2, 38344000-8, 38570000-1, 45262640-9, 71313000-5, 71900000-7, 90713000-8, 90714500-0, 90715200-4, 90731100-1, 90713100-9
Facilities Laboratory of 236 m2 with fire and compressed air systems, waste segregation area, and maximum power of 10 Kw Microbiology and Chromatography areas, ICP mass metal Area, Purification area, Area for performing physical-chemical parameters in fresh or clean water, and finally weight and reagents area
Equipment Availability of whatever necessary to carry out consultancy, laboratory and environmental diagnosestoxicidad. • Estufas de CO2 para incubación de Legionella. • Bandejas y biómetros para DBO5. • Equipos de toma de muestras, sondas multiparamétricas, etc. • Equipos varios determinación (pH, conductividad, temperatura, turbidez, etc.) • Equipos var.
Human Resources Graduates, Laboratory Technicians, Senior Laboratory Technicians
Slogan Where Water Lives
History Integrated in Aqualogy project as AQUALOGY Medio Ambiente, Labaqua, S.A. provides specialized services in consultancy and analysis in different areas, with high added value equipment and systems, which enable our customers to take strategic and right decisions, enhancing competitiveness, innovation and the Internalization of environmental and social policies. Our R+D Department, with research lines and projects, embraces various areas within the environmental field, such as microbiology, molecular diagnosis, analytical chemistry, olfactometry, as well as other complementary topics (reference materials, quality management, computing, etc.) Furthermore, we are in possession of Quality Accreditations and Certifications covering the different matrices we work with: all types of waters, sludges, soils, leachates, solid waste and air quality. AQUALOGY Medio Ambiente is the trademark of LABAQUA, who is the holder of the Accreditations and Certifications.(see ambits at
Additional Information Collaborating Organization on Environmental Quality in the field of C.C.A.A. Canaria Collaborating Organization of the Hydraulic Administration as Testing Laboratory and Inspection Agency (E.C. 016/1 and 2)
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