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Company Name LA LUZ MARKET S.L.
Address Muelle Grande, Edificio Spanish Pelagic , ala naciente
Locality Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Phone 928 327 400
Fax 928 327 401
Postal Code 35008
E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Contact person Esteban Ramírez Sánchez (Head of Operations)
Main Services Loading / Unloading and Stowage and Unloading of Ships: Fishing Operations, Fishing Tackle and Sacks of Flour in Fishering Vessels and Mother Ships. Pelagic Transshipment Operations in Pelagic Fishering Vessels and Freighters. Horticultural Export Operations. Operations with Paper Coils. Special Operations: Mills, Rails, Pipes, Offshore Rigs Parts. Bulk Operations: Grain, Sand, Grit ...
Certifications ISO 9001. ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 (LLOYDS)
Codes CNAE 5224, 5222
Codes CPV 34514800-1, 42418000-9, 63110000-3, 63111000-0, 63120000-6, 77700000-7, 79223000-3
Facilities Disperseur de haute vitesse; agitateurs - tables de mixage; moulins horizontaux de boules; moulins de panier; machines a emballer (automatiques, semi-automatiques et manuelles); filtres de panier et de pompe; manipulateur de bidons; manipulateur de pails; balances et bascules, compteurs de débit; chariots automoteurs; empileuses. Autre équipement : système contre des incendies (pompe jockey, électrique et diesel), des goupillons de mousse de basse expansion; des bouches d'incendie équipées et des extincteurs; un système d'aération générale pour des vapeurs du solvant, et un système d'extraction / filtre pour poudre.
Equipment 5 LR843HD LIEBHERR Cranes with High Cabin, 2 Cranes GROVE RT530E, 12 forklift trucks LINDE 3.5 Tn Provided with High Cabin and Capability of Handling Two Pallets Together, 6 Forklift Trucks LINDE 5.5 Tn, 2 Forklift Trucks LINDE 6 Tn, 1 Forklift Truck LINDE 7 Tn Configurable for Paper Coil Handling and Two Pallets Operation
Human Resources Engineers, Senior and Intermediates Technicians in Prevention of Occupational Risks, Lawyer
History LA LUZ MARKET S.L. was born from a merger between SERVICIOS Y MEDIOS PORTUARIOS S.L. and GUILLERMO SINTES REYES, SA, resulting in a company with a historical background that goes back to early last century -in 1911 - providing extensive experience in the sectors of stowage and unloading of ships and operation as Ship Agent.
Presentation LA LUZ MARKET S.L. provides to its customers all the necessary services and complementary value-added know-how, taking into account the safety, environment, quality and efficiency. Moreover, it is a company that continually strives to stay ahead on technology and modernization. The result of this effort has been the acquisition of high-performance specialized machinery for business operations.
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