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Address Avda. Fco. La Roche 41, 2º planta.
Locality Sta. Cruz de Tenerife
Phone 922 240 658
Fax 922 240 711
Postal Code 38001
E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Contact person Jerónimo García
Main Services Operators and maintainers of dangerous goods, Preventive and predictive maintenance of facilities and equipment, Full maintenance of undersea installations, Rapid response teams and marine pollution control, Claning and polishing of propellers, gauges measurement in rudders and tail shafts, vents cleaning and changing of gratings on bottom or seacocks, thickness measurements; Boat services. Service angent operations. Ancillary services to vessels in pollution control, oil booms, oil-mop collecting machines and high pressure machines. Cleaning of ship sides. Cleaning, reparirs and underwater work; Environment.
Secondary Services Cleaning of piers, Repair of Fenders Shields, Repair of Ship Hulls, Changes of sacrifical anodes, Subamarine welding and cutting, Anchors and chains recovery, CCTV video inspections approved by classification Societies Lloyd`s Register - Germany Lloyd`s, American Bureau Shipping.
Certifications ISO 9001; OHSAS 18001; ISO 9002; certified by UK Acreditation Service (UKAS)
Codes CNAE 3315, 5222
Codes CPV 50000000-5, 76200000-5, 76500000-8
Facilities We own a base at Sta. Cruz de Tenerife Port, Los Llanos Dock, where we have storage for all diving equipment as well as berth for boats. We also, own a Ship for Naval Reapir in the Fishering Dock.
Equipment Cleaning/Polishin Equipment, Submarine MRV-3 CCTV System, Submarine MRV-4 CCTV Systems, Ultrasound Equipment, Video equipment/ Canon DC130 and SONY TRV-19, Teams for specific works, Kirby Morgan, Support Vessels of different lengths, from 13 up to 33 meters.
Approvals ISO 9001; OHSAS 18001; ISO 9002; certified by UK Acreditation Service (UKAS)
Human Resources We have a highly quialified staff with proven experience in both business management and technical aspects. The Human Resources Department, following the philosophy of the company and its quality policy for all the staff establishes a plan for continuing education " On Job Training", both theoretical and practical in order to update, improve and adapt to new technologies and better working systems, obtaning as a result the high qualifications of our staff.
Slogan Company 24 hours at your service.
History ATLANTSHIPSERVICE DIVING SLU was incorparate as a separate Company when the department of underwater activities of its parent body, ATLANTSHIPSERVICE S.L. estimated necessary its creation as an indepent firm to continue its projection, as a result of significant growth in its means, technical staff and operating procedures.
Presentation ATLANTSHIPSERVICE SL, is a company specializing in the provision of integrated services of operation and maintenance of marine terminals ond Offshore Companies. This company is the result of the merger between tow companies with extensive experience providing maritime services rooted within the Port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. ATLANTSHIP SERVICE Ltd., introduced its range of services in commercial ports, resulting from its beginnings in the market positioning that had been predetermined by the Board of Directors as one its basic objetives. Its Offers the most competitive advantage in obtaning a High Quality degree in the services provided, as well as the highest standards in safety and environmental protection, with an innovative spirit that allows it to adapt itself to new trends, being completly in porcess of expansion to thereby expnad services, always provided high quality in the sector.
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