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 Canary Islands Suppliers (CIS) shows a solid offer of services with contracting guarantees, to companies operating in the Mid-Atlantic Ocean and Africa, as an Atlantic ONE-STOP-SHOP.


Canary Islands Suppliers provides an easy way for companies to find services from their places of origin, that need their base of operations in Africa or the Mid-Atlantic Ocean.


Canary Islands Suppliers promotes associated companies on a pooled basis, showing nationally and internationally their high level of professionalism.


Canary Islands Suppliers commits to obtain the greatest benefits for associated companies, showcasing their values in terms of service quality assurance policies, legal and regulatory compliance, security, specialisation and qualification, to the attraction of national and international clients.


Canary Islands Suppliers contributes to turning the Canary Islands into a logistics and services hub in the Mid-Atlantic Ocean.


Canary Islands Suppliers isa100% business initiative.





Geo-strategic situation and ties

The Canary Islands have an ideal geographical position as the southern gateway to the European Union and tri-continental bridge between America, Africa and Europe, making the Islands a magnificent platform for trade, logistics and to services and technology between continents, as they are positioned on the main international trading routes. This enables investors to use the Canary Islands for tackling strategic projects in West Africa and Latin America, with all the legal security implicit in basing their business in Europe.

All the advantages of Europe just 90 kms away from Africa: The Canary Islands is one of Spain’s seventeen autonomous communities and forms part of the European Union (EU) and of the euro area.

The Archipelago is situated opposite the African coast, just 100 kms away from Morocco, 1,100 km away from Nouakchott (Mauritania) and 3,700 kms away from Malabo (Equatorial Guinea).

Excellent transport and communications facilities

The Canary Islands have eight airports, six of which are international, receiving over 34 million passengers a year. These allow for approximately 1,500 direct flights a week to all the main European cities with the leading international airlines, including low-cost companies that have been booming in recent years. By way of example, in 2009, the Canary Islands had 467 direct flights to the United Kingdom and 334 a week to Germany.

The Canary Islands have an extensive network of commercial and fishing harbours and marinas, with the Port of La Luz and Las Palmas (Gran Canaria) and the Port of Santa Cruz (Tenerife) among the leading ports of Spain in passenger and cargo traffic, both between the Islands and from and to the rest of the world. The Canary Islands are on all the shipping routes between Europe, America, Africa and, in recent decades, Asia too, making it a strategic ship supply and repair station in the Mid Atlantic. The ports in the Canary Islands are connected to more than 500 ports throughout the world by some thirty-odd shipping lines. They have spacious, modern docks and large storage and operations capacity, as well as many container terminals in constant expansion, vehicle terminals, large cold storage capacity and high-quality facilities for passengers and cruise ships.

The Canary Islands have an extensive inter-island air and sea transport network, with many connections that are ideal for carrying both passengers and cargo. This facilitates business between the islands, which in turn, have an extensive road network. This allows fast and effective distribution for the supply chain of products and services.


The Canary Islands is the ideal place for setting up and operating any kind of information and communication technology - related activity, as you can see from the wide satellite cover (around 50 satellites provide services in the Canaries) and their fibre optic submarine cable connections. As for mobile telephone services, they are no different from the rest of Spain and Europe as mobile phone use is similar to that of the Spanish regions with the highest Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and it is on a par with the European Union average. Regarding hard-wired networks, the growth of ADSL services and fibre optic lines is the result of all the modernisation that the Canary Islands have been through in recent years. High-speed, broad-band internet connections offer enhanced security and standards in line with the rest of Spain and Europe.

Qualified and competitive workforce

The Canary Islands possess a solid know-how in key sectors and have an excellent workforce to assist the needs of the companies settled in the Canaries for operating in neighbouring countries. Companies can expect to rely on qualified personnel and expertise while operating in the Canary Islands.

The average age of the population is younger than the rest of Spain and is highly qualified. The Canary Islands, as part of the European Union, allows personnel mobilization without visa requirements. Low personnel rotation provides higher levels of worker loyalty.

Best Tax Regime in Europe

The Canary Islands have a different and stable tax and economic regime to offset the island factor, fragmentation and distance in comparison with the rest of Spain and Europe. They have their own Economic and Tax Regime (REF, from mainland Spain) under Spanish legislation and with the full authorisation of the European Union (EU).


Canary Islands Suppliers stands out from other suppliers in the same geographic area by taking to another level its commitment to quality assurance, occupational and environmental safety and professional ethics.

Canary Islands Suppliers offers a diverse range of services from maritime services to marine renewable energy services or from industry services to professional services or other auxiliary services.

Canary Islands Suppliers have management procedures under internationally recognised standards that allow their clients to obtain guarantees in hired services.

Canary Islands Suppliers is certified in a 90%, in ISO standards such as Quality ISO 9001, Environment ISO 14001, occupational health and safety ISO 45001/OHSAS 18001, etc.

Canary Islands Suppliers valuesare service quality assurance, legal and regulatory compliance, management transparency and professionalism in everything they do.



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