WET Ingeniería Hidráulica y Marítima, S.L.U.

WET Ingeniería Hidráulica y Marítima, S.L.U.

At WET Hydraulic and Maritime Engineering S.L.U. (WET), we get involved with our clients to face their challenges together, striving to understand their needs and offer them useful, precise and rigorous advice with the aim of generating lasting professional relationships based on commitment and trust.

WET is a consulting company that provides maritime and hydraulic engineering services for the drafting of studies, projects and technical reports such as:

  • Studies of maritime climate and coastal dynamics.
  • Port unrest studies.
  • Hydrodynamic studies.
  • Discharge dilution study.
  • Beach regeneration project.
  • Maritime infrastructure project.
  • Flood studies.
  • Dam safety analysis.
  • Dam exploitation rules.
  • Bathymetries.
  • Side scan sonar.
  • Geophysicists with CHIRP profiler.
  • Electrical tomography.

WET’s professional team is highly qualified to carry out the tasks with the performance required to satisfy the client’s needs.

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CIF B76315738
Certificaciones UNE-EN-ISO: 9001:2015 / UNE-EN-ISO: 14001:2015
C.N.A.E. 7112
C.P.V. 81102100
Instalaciones Nave que alberga la oficina técnica y almacén.
Equipos In terms of equipment, as it is an engineering consultancy, it has the latest generation technological equipment necessary for its engineers to carry out their tasks with the greatest efficiency and speed in order to offer its clients quality work. It is basically the hardware and software equipment used to carry out work related to the blue economy.
Información adicional At WET we are specialists in blue engineering, we develop projects, studies and customized solutions for our clients. A fundamental aspect at the core of WET is the firm commitment to R+D+i, where innovation is a clear commitment to new lines of work and the future of the company. WET is firmly committed to innovation made in the Canary Islands for the world. Our strategic geographical location offers the opportunity to be tricontinental players on various fronts.