DataDron, S.L.

DataDron, S.L.

DATADRON provides aerial data acquisition and analysis services, including topography, industrial and audiovisual inspections, with unmanned aircraft.

DATADRON is a Drone Operator authorized by AESA (State Aviation Safety Agency). We have qualified pilots and aeronautical civil liability insurance in accordance with current regulations, using state-of-the-art drones.

DATADRON offers the following services:

1. Drone thermography. Drone aerial thermography easily detects anomalies before a real problem occurs, directly impacting cost and risk reduction. Thermography is an advanced technique that aims to detect the temperatures of an object or area without the need for physical contact as such. Thermographic inspection is a powerful non-invasive tool for monitoring and diagnosing the condition of buildings, solar panels, wind turbines, aircraft fuselages and a host of other applications. Problems can be identified early, documented and corrected before they become more serious and more expensive to repair. The applications are:

  • Inspection of high and medium voltage electrical towers. The use of drones makes it possible to avoid a large part of the work at height of operators, thus avoiding a greater number of situations of personal risk.
  • Inspection of wind turbines for preventive maintenance. A Wind Turbine contains many mechanical and electrical components that can be easily inspected with a drone equipped with a high-resolution RGB and thermal camera. Proper inspection and maintenance of all parts of a wind turbine ensures that it will continue to generate electricity for many years.
    Inspection of photovoltaic installations. Drone thermographic inspections of photovoltaic installations are currently the fastest and most efficient way to find anomalies in the installation.
  • The quick identification of them helps owners to take quick actions that allow them to optimize photovoltaic energy production and therefore reduce maintenance costs, as well as increase their economic profits.
  • Inspection of conditions and insulation of buildings. Building thermography helps to detect problems in advance, such as identifying humidity in roofs and walls, visualizing energy losses (insulation), water leaks, detecting mold and poorly insulated areas, monitoring the drying of buildings.

2. Photogrammetry with drones. Drone photogrammetry is an aerial photography technique that allows a 3D surface to be modeled, guaranteeing unprecedented precision. This new technology has revolutionized conventional surveying, lowering costs, increasing accuracy incredibly, allowing inaccessible points to be measured and increasing safety. On the other hand, drones offer us a significant reduction in time, because in a few hours you can have a fully processed map with greater control over the final result. The applications are:

  • Creations of DTM (Digital Terrain Models). Thanks to DTMs and point clouds, 3D models of the terrain and any other surface or object (buildings, planes, bridges, dams and any engineering work) can be created. One of the advantages of photogrammetry with Drones is that data can be acquired in areas of very difficult access that until now were almost impossible with traditional methods.
  • Topographic maps. These are 2D representations of the morphology of the terrain, widely used in construction monitoring, architecture, engineering, plot dimensioning, environmental studies and volume calculations.

3. Videos and advertising images. We help companies to position their product and promote their brand through videos and aerial images. By improving content marketing, through these images, you can differentiate yourself from the competition and gain visibility. Our drones open up new possibilities, achieving high perspectives that show any product in a very flattering way and increasing the value of the product. The applications are:

  • Real estate and banks. The real estate market is highly competitive and it is essential to display the properties in the best possible light. Aerial images and videos offer us tools to capture any home in the most attractive way, being the fastest and most emotional way to share information about a property.
  • Tourism. We adapt to the needs of each project and location, because we know that the best way to publicize your tourism product is a video or aerial image. It is a fundamental tool for marketing adding exciting content to any website or presentation.
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