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Software development, maintenance, Installation and outsourcing of information and telecommunications systems Engineering projects on implementation and monitoring of oil rigs (telecom solutions, network systems, wiring or technology equipment supply and so)
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PLOCAN offers access to facilities in order to promote R&D&I in the marine and maritime sectors. Moreover, PLOCAN offers specialized services consisting in the technologies test and demonstration, consultancy, integrated management, education and training.// HOSTING: This service comprises the hosting of equipment, devices and marine technologies, for testing activities, experiments or other resources of the users in any of the installations of the ICTS. The housing services imply rights and regulated conditions to use the facilities, as well as associated services such as transport, installation, maintenance, monitoring, decommissioning, permits, accommodation, and insurance among others. The cost for the use of vehicles, equipment, premises and technical support, is equal to the result of adding to the direct costs, a 25% of indirect costs (approved by EC on May/2013).// DATA SUPPLY: The observational capabilities of PLOCAN provide a set of data and information from its facilities that are available for users. This service is free. Besides, users can demand specific data or information that can be measured using the resources of the ICTS in the scope of the integrated observatory (coastal, oceanic and extended). The cost for the use of vehicles, equipment, premises and technical support, is equal to the result of adding to the direct costs, a 25% of indirect costs (approved by EC on May/2013).// OPERATIONS: Operation of the multipurpose offshore platform, vehicles, instruments and other marine devices. This service uses the operational resources and capabilities of PLOCAN to make available to users the multi-purpose offshore platform and unique vehicles, under regulated conditions. They may involve associated services related to installation, operation, maintenance, transportation, insurance, decommissioning or others. On May/2013, the Executive Board approved the daily cost for the use of an underwater glider for a minimum access of 3 weeks and which includes insurance, operation (deployment, piloting and recovery), data processing and the technical support necessary for its operation. For the rest of vehicles, equipment, premises and technical support, the rate is equal to the result of adding to the direct costs, a 25% of indirect costs (approved by EC on May/2013).//
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We develop high accuracy environmental instruments with a special focus in oceanographic research. Our product line includes high accuracy pH sensors and low power, high stability spectrophotometric led light sources. We also work on customized products for specific customer requirements. PRODUCTS: SP200-SM HIGH ACCURACY IN SITU PH SENSOR: The SP200-SM is a High accuracy colorimetric pH sensor designed for in situ operation in shallow waters. The SP200-SM pH sensors has no significant drift, even after operating for several months. The sensor can be autonomously operated thanks to its internal Li-Ion battery.// HIGH ACCURACY LABORATORY / ON SHIP PH SENSOR: The SP101-LB is a rugged and extremely stable pH sensor for on ship and laboratory applications. Its construction guarantees accurate and stable measurements under all conditions. Thanks to its high measurement rate (20 measures per minute) the system can be used for continuous flow measurements. The SL101-LB can be connected to an optional external conductivity / temperature sensor and can be thermostatized through two 1/2” barbed fittings.// LIGHT SOURCES - SL001-SW (420-760 nm) Compact, low power, fast settling led light source. The SL001 is a compact, low power, high stability and low settling time LED light source. It features a modular construction, using user replaceable LED modules, allowing different wavelength setups. With an extremely short heating time of 1 minute, it is possible to get below 0,25% of stability at low drive currents. When compared with traditional halogen light sources, the SL001 provides up to an order of magnitude of lower power consumption with a virtually unlimited bulb life (>10.000 hours) and does not require a fan.// HIGH ACCURACY SUBMARINE SPECTROPHOTOMETRIC PH SENSOR: The SP101-SM is a rugged and extremely stable pH sensor for shallow waters, designed for oceanographic research. The design of the SP101-SM sensor allows reaching the same accuracy achievable in the lab, but autonomously deployed in the ocean, allowing long term measurements without human intervention.
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